August Featured Artists



Art work by Iain-James Hinde
International All Breeds Judge

Each print is
 • approximately 200x260mm
 • printed on acid free 250gsm paper
 • limited to an edition of 20
 • hand signed by artist and individually numbered

Gallery of Iain-James Hinde artwork Email Iain-James Hinde direct! Personal web site of Iain-James Hinde
Dobermann by Iain-James Hinde Cocker Spaniel (American) by Iain-James Hinde - CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE! American Staffordshire Terrier by Iain-James Hinde
Dobermann American Cocker Am Staff

Over 140 breeds of superb artwork, capturing
the true characteristics and beauty of each breed.
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Art work by Stuart Mallard
International Allrounder Judge

A stunning selection of 48 dog prints and 32 wildlife prints to choose from.

  • Pointers: With the majestic head carriage of the Liver and White male and the femininity of the Lemon and White female the artist has captured the very essence of the breed.

  • Chinese Cresteds: Spectacular head studies of two Cresteds with flowing head furnishings.

  • Clumber Spaniels: The Original was displayed by kind invitation of the Kennel Club in the Christmas Exhibition at their gallery in London.

  • Belgian Shepherds: Here we have the two most popular coat types, Tervueren and Groenendael. The artist has conveyed their impression of graceful strength.

  • Weimeraners:

  • Malamute:

Art Gallery of Stuart Mallard      Email Stuart Mallard direct
Clumber Spaniel by Stuart Mallard Belgian Shepherd by Stuart Mallard Chinese Crested Dog by Stuart Mallard
Clumber Spaniel Belgian Shepherd Dog Chinese Crested Dog
Weimaraners - limited edition of 50 - by Stuart Mallard Pointers by featured artist Stuart Mallard - CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE Malamute - limited edition of 50 - by Stuart Mallard
Weimeraner Pointer Malamute

Each print is individually numbered and signed, 
and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity!
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