Aspirating the throat of a newbornThe reason we aspirate is to remove fluids that the pup may have in his throat or nose from inhaling amniotic fluid. If the fluids are removed before he attempts to breath than we can prevent him from choking on the fluid or drowning. Pups that are not aspirated and have fluids enter their lungs have a good chance of developing pneumonia or immediate suffocation.

If you have ever seen a pup that has already inhaled fluids than you understand how helpless they are. The poor pup opens his mouth with gasps. He just can't get a full lung of air.
Practice with your bulb syringe before whelping day. Squeeze the bulb till the air is out. Then place the open tip on your arm. Release the bulb, you can feel the sucking pressure on your arm. Always stick the bulb into the pups mouth after you have squeezed the air out. We don't want to push the air into the throat and push fluid into his lungs.

Debbie Jensen

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