of the Löwchen

Löwchen colours can be quite deceptive. They can (and usually do) go through the process of many coat colour changes as they mature. It's often difficult to know quite what colour to register them as a young puppy.

Here are some examples of one female (Dolly) who has changed colours over a six year period.

Dolly as a newborn baby.

Dolly aged 6 months

Dolly aged 2 years
Aged two years.

Dolly, aged 5 years
And aged 6 years (just growing coat back
after being clipped off to have a  litter)
I daresay she will change again within the near future.

Denny aged 10 weeks
Denny aged 10 weeks

Aged 17 months

As a baby Denny was a distinct white with black markings, by 3 months of age he had a sable tan colour appearing through his head. By the time he reached 15 months he had coloured to almost white all over, with a little sable still on his head around his ears and chin, and a distinct light silver down his topline.

As a baby "Callie" was a deep apricot & white parti-colour, but as she matured she turned cream and white. A dramatic change from her baby colour.

Elguarda Callypso Magic as a baby

Elguarda Callypso Magic as a mature adult

The Löwchen come in many colours, either solid, or a combination of two or three, or sometimes even more colours. As the dog matures, these colours may change and develop into an entirely different colour to that of their colour at birth. Browse through our Löwchens At Play or the Pedigree pages and you'll see a great variety of glorious hues.



Click here to read "The Basics on Canine Coat Colors" by Nancy Inlow of Volare Löwchen, Canada


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