A responsible breeder is one who always puts the best interests of the breed and of individual dogs first, above any consideration of profit, trendiness, or personal ambition.

A responsible breeder does not produce a litter just to have pups to sell or just because a bitch happened to come into season. He/she produces a litter only after careful consideration of the physical qualities and temperament of the proposed parents, their individual strengths and weaknesses, how their pedigrees (ancestors) relate, and what the proposed breeding would contribute to the improvement of the breed. This is often a difficult and time-consuming process, therefore, it is not surprising to find that a responsible breeder considers the puppies as his/her "kids" and wants only the best homes for them. 

A responsible breeder...

  • is eager to share detailed breed information

  • believes there are no "stupid" questions

  • grabs every opportunity to educate

  • explains total breed care

  • supplies shot records, pedigrees, care information

  • explains genetic defects in the breed

  • is willing to let you see the sire & dam

  • questions the buyers ability to care for the dog

  • offers guarantees

  • talks about training and development

  • cares about each and every pup

  • maintains sanitary, clean quarters for the dogs

  • tests all breeding stock

  • is involved with the breed whether it is conformation, field trials, or specific competitions for the breeds

A reputable breeder will..... 

  1. Participate with the breed by showing in conformation so that they know the dogs they are breeding are proven to be of a higher standard and conformationally correct.

  2. Health test annually for genetic issues that run in the breed. They will be able to provide proof that their dogs have been checked.

  3. Know the extensive background of each of their dogs. They will know everything they possibly can about their dogs' pedigrees and what runs in the lines that makes up the pedigree.

  4. They will have a reason for the breeding between the two dogs they have chosen to breed. They will breed only dogs who complement each other so that they are producing the healthiest, most conformationally sound pups possible.

  5. Guarantee their pups to be healthy and will offer alternatives and options to the buyer should something happen. They also guarantee show pups to be show material as adults.

  6. They don't breed PET dogs

  7. They don't breed dogs who come from Back Yard Breeders or Puppy Millers.

  8. Their original breeding stock came from proven lines and have remained free of genetic health problems.

  9. Sell their pet pups on spay/neuter contracts because they care about the whole breed and only want the best possible dogs to be bred.

  10. Will never sell "Breeder" dogs. This is an animal sold to someone just so they can breed.

  11. Will be willing to talk to you extensively about the puppy you would like and help you decide if its the right choice for you and your family.

  12. Will answer any questions that you have regarding the parents and what runs in the puppy's lines. Strengths AND weaknesses.

  13. Have an extensive knowledge of the breed as a whole and will answer the questions about the breed knowledgeably.

  14. Good breeders will recommend other good breeders if they do not have the perfect puppy for you.

  15. NEVER under ANY circumstances will they sell to a pet store, backyard breeder, or miller.

  16. Will be upfront and brutally honest about the puppy. They will not just be trying to make a sell.

  17. They will never constantly have pups for sale. If someone says, "the pet shop down the road have puppies." RUN! You have found a puppy miller for sure! 

  18. Will never just breed to have puppies for sale to make money. If the breeder is doing everything they should be doing, i.e. showing, health testing, buying top notch dogs, etc ... they will not be making money out of breeding. They are breeding because they are doing a quality breeding to benefit their line and to have new pups to show.

  19. They will NEVER sell/breed "TEACUPS" or other abnormalities such as odd coloured eyes, short appendages, or mixed breeds, and try to pass them off as "special" and "valuable". 

  20. They will not claim a newborn or a pup under a couple of months to be "Show quality" if the pup is still young they will call it a "Show Prospect" if it looks nice. If it is sold as "Show Quality" they will guarantee the adult to be finishable.

  21. Will always provide professional answers, love their dogs and what they are doing, are CONCERNED with where their pups go, and ALWAYS has the best interest of the breed at heart in everything they do.

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