Aviary Feeder Stations


Feeder stations allow you to change out the feed and water dishes with a minimum of contact with the birds. They reduce the risk of escape, prevent the birds from turning the dishes over and reduces your chance of being bitten by an aggressive bird. We locate our feeder stations directly beneath the nest box holders. This reduces the amount of poop contaminating the feed and water. All daily feedings are conducted without having to enter the cage.

Our standard feed dish is 8".


  1. Step One - Take the measurement of your dishes x the number of dishes you will be using and add two extra inches for maneuvering room. (8" x 2 = 16" 16" + 2" = 18") This is the width of your feeder station.

  2. Step Two - Measure the height of the dish (my dishes are 3 1/2" but always round up...so I need 4" for one side and backside of the feeder station)

  3. Step Three - The piece of wire you will need is the width of the feeder station + the height of the dish (18" + 4" = 22") by the depth of the dish + height of the dish (the dish is round so the depth of the feeder station will be 8" + 4" = 12") I need a piece of wire 22" x 12" to construct the feeder station.

  4. Step Four - You will need to cut out a section of the wire to allow the side piece and back side piece to fold down.
    Feeder Station Wire

  5. Step Five - Fold the side pieces down.
    Feeder Station Wire

  6. Step Six - Cut holes to allow the birds access to the dish.
    Feeder Station Wire

  7. Step Seven - Attach the feeder station to the lower bottom corner of the cage, directly underneath the nest box holder.
    Feeder StationsFeeder Stations

  8. Step Eight - Attach a door to the bottom of the cage and attach spring latches to secure the door. Some of our birds like to pop open the spring latches and slide out the dishes. For those birds I attach the door to open upwards and use clips that the little buggers can not reach to secure the door. See above photo of brown crock dishes.
    Feeder StationsFeeder Stations




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