Have you ever gone off to a show in miserable damp or wet weather and by the time you get into the ring your dogs bracelets look like washed out rats tails? I think we all have at some stage.

I had some boots given to me - two sets actually, and with minor adjustments I was finally happy with the way they fitted. I decided then to fiddle around and make my own.

A description of these boots follows so you can play around with the idea and make something similar to suit your own dogs. I would suggest that you only use them in damp weather conditions, and not leave them on your Löwchen for any great length of time.

The fabric I have used was what we call a "parachute" fabric. It is water-proof to a certain extent. I lined them with a soft stretch cotton material. I also made another pair from lightweight denim that are not waterproof and will use them in dusty conditions.

Don't make the boots too small or too tight. They can cut off the circulation in the foot. The dog will also feel uncomfortable.

I sewed Velcro directly into the top of the boot.


Well, I hope this is of some use to you. Happy sewing!


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