Cockatoo Cages & Nest Cans


Some modifications must be made to accommodate the needs of the larger birds.

Most of our Cockatoos are in suspended 4' x 4' x 6' cages. Roy has designed special nest cans for our cockatoos and these photos exhibit his unique work. The nest cans and feeder stations are located inside the cage to reduce the risk of escape.

Nest cans are enclosed in a wire compartment (nest box holder) and attached to the top corner of the cage. (Cans must be inserted prior to closing up the cage when constructing.) Feeder stations are located directly below the nest cans, keeping with the design of the rest of our cages.

Entry holes are cut in the can. All edges must be folded to prevent injury to the birds. Can is kept from moving about in the rectangular nest box holder by bolts through the front and through the bottom of the can. Lids are secured with sheet metal screws.

The males enjoy the lookout perch which is located inside the can.

This is the lookout perch prior to installation. The perch is 16 1/2" long in each direction. It is secured in the can just below the opening with sheet metal screws from the outside of the can into the end caps of the perch. The perch serves several purposes. 1) to prevent the birds from diving in and breaking the eggs; 2) to allow the hen an opportunity to escape from an aggressive male; 3) to provide a lookout perch for expectant fathers.

Rear view of the nest can resting inside the nest box holder. A wire inspection door reduces the chance of a bird escaping through the inspection door on the can.



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