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A step by step review (with pictures) of how I designed and built a fabulous new home for my two enormous dogs. Be sure to review the gallery, it contains pictures and ideas from dog house builders across the world who have contributed to this site.


When I decided to build a dog house, I went to my local hardware store to buy dog house plans, they did not sell them. Neither did the big national building supply chain. Even the finest bookstore in town left me emptyhanded. When all decent and respectable means of gathering information failed, I descended into the sordid world of the internet, where I was again left cold.

After I abandoned all hope of getting any useful information on the dog house topic, a local home show sponsored a dog house competition among local custom home builders, which included a silent auction for the houses. The contestants were required to specify the breed of dog and the architectural style of the house (i.e. Jack Russell Terrior/Craftsman Style). There were some great designs, and seeing them helped me figure out what would work.

Warning I am not a dog expert, veternarian, or pet care professional. I am not a carpenter, architect, civil engineer, or building tradesperson. The information in this website is intended only to document how I approached the problem. Please consult anyone that may have expertise in this area before attempting anything that makes you nervous. If you have a friend or neighbor who has built a dog house, I beseech you to find out as much as you can about their dog house and the story of its construction . Looking at functioning dog houses is the best way to develop ideas about yours.

I did not bother to ask anybody whether I needed a building permit for this construction. In retrospect, this may have been stupid, but I took my chances and nobody got mad. If you are nervous about this kind of stuff, use common sense, ask somebody. I'm sure there are places out there where zoning laws, covenants, or environmental concerns may alter or preclude your plans.



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