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Kennel Construction and Design


I have endeavoured to add as many links to helpful sites on kennel and dog house construction, as well as whelping boxes, runs etc. Some of the sites are private or commercial links, but you will get ideas as to exactly what suits your needs in kennel design.

Chinaroad Dogs Sleeping Quarters

Photo above is of the Chinaroad dog sleeping room which houses ten dogs singly and opens out to paved playgrounds through doors at either end of the room.  The room is attached to the main house structure. The sleeping boxes are double-decker on casters to wheel out for easy cleaning, and constructed of white veneer-coated chipboard, fitted with aluminium barred doors.  I prefer the aluminium bars rather than any wire, as pups (or sleeping dogs) cannot get their feet or legs caught. Our puppy play pens are also made with aluminium bars as are my show trolleys. My husband built the room and boxes to my own design. I house my grooming gear, dryers, clippers, and grooming tables here as well. For more photos of our set-up go here.


Build it yourself - dog kennel!

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