Macaw Cages


Some modifications must be made to accommodate the needs of the larger birds.

Most of our Macaws are in free standing 4' x 4' x 8' cages. The nest boxes and feeder stations are attached to the outside of the cage to allow more flight room.


Free standing cages require special roofs to provide an enclosed area to protect the birds from inclimate weather.

Enclosed Nest box (front view). An additional piece of plywood is inserted under the nest box to provide an extra layer before the birds chew through to the wire and I have to completely replace the bottom.

Nest boxes have inspection doors on each side. The box is fully enclosed in a wire nest box holder. Nest box doors are more secure with the additional wire door to prevent flight.

Inspecting nest boxes is easily done by swing out the weather shield panel, opening the wire door and opening the nest box inspection door. Holders are designed to allow one side panel to be removed for removing, cleaning or replacing the boxes.

Free standing macaw cage from rear. Side panels protect the nest boxes from blowing rain and excessive exposure to the sun.



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