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This web page was created as an informational source for those who seek alternative ways of treating common ailments in dogs.

This article on Colloidal Silver has been written and presented strictly for informative and educational purposes only. The information contained within is based on pharmacological and other records, both ancient and modern. No claims whatsoever as to any specific benefits accruing from the use of Colloidal Silver are made herewith, this is strictly for informational purposes based upon research and freedom of speech. Please seek advice from a medical or veterinary professional.


It is claimed that:

Colloidal Silver has been shown to be effective against more than 650 disease-causing organisms, including ringworm, mange, salmonella, E coli, Candida Albicans and other yeast infections.

Colloidal Silver can be used against viral, bacterial and fungal infections and works best when it comes into direct contact with the pathogen for at least 6 minutes. As the disease producing organisms are destroyed they need to be eliminated from the body through normal channels. It is important therefore to make sure the animal you are treating has access to plenty of clean water at all times and is encouraged to drink as much as possible. Some animals will drink water to which Colloidal Silver has been added seemingly knowing it to be beneficial.

Large wounds, abscesses or other skin irritations can be washed or sprayed with Colloidal Silver (using plastic spray bottle for ease of application), then a healing topical cream applied.

Colloidal Silver can be given alongside drugs recommended by your vet, the overall intention is to regain health and vitality where possible and using the 'best of both worlds' holds good to this intent. Colloidal Silver has shown dramatic results in the case of very young animals such as foals and calves scouring. Given with a syringe twice daily it has the most beneficial effect. 

Colloidal silver kills invading microbes by dissolving an enzyme that metabolises oxygen of primitive organisms. This process is an electrochemical reaction. The cell can't breathe, then suffocates and dies. That's why it works on all types of germs, including the super-germs. Metallic and chelated minerals carry a positive charge, but colloidal bioelectric minerals carry a negative charge. Therefore, another way colloidal silver inhibits germ growth is that the negative charge on the colloidal silver clusters binds up with the positive charge on the pathogen. This causes an interruption of the biological function of the organism, which then cannot reproduce. It fizzles out. Voila, no more germs. What does this mean? For one thing, it means that we are fortunate to have available to us, at a very nominal price, a germ killer that is completely safe. It empowers us to get off of the antibiotic merry-go-round that is so popular, yet disturbingly over-prescribed. It means we have a choice. We have a healthy alternative. With proper cleansing, herbs, and natural healing, everyone can be free of disease - without drugs, and without spending a fortune.

Antibiotic Superhero 

As an antibiotic, it is claimed that Silver kills over 650 disease causing organisms and RESISTANT STRAINS FAIL TO DEVELOP. Silver is absolutely non-toxic. Silver in its colloidal state is highly germicidal and has the opposite magnetic charge to disease; it usually starts cleaning the bloodstream after 15 minutes of ingestion. Colloidal Silver functions to kill disease organisms as well as stimulate the regrowth and repair of injured tissue. It may be used both internally and externally, for humans and animals. Externally, this water may be applied directly to cuts, rashes, burns, and moles. Internally, it may be used for viral infections, throat and respiratory infections, diabetes, Candida yeast infections, menstrual difficulties, parasites, diarrhoea, allergies, colon spasms, and low energy. Colloidal Silver may be used as eye drops for retinitis (a disease of the eyes).

Suggested Dosage for Dogs:

The dosage rates outlined below are given as a guide, due to the individuality of  the animal and the condition you wish to treat. Ultimately the response in your animal will be your best guide but please talk with your local Veterinarian should you be concerned with your animal.

Dogs - General maintenance 
Small: 10 mls once a day
Medium: 10 mls - 15 mls once a day
Large: 5 mls - 20 mls once a day
Dogs - Ailing
Small: 10 mls twice a day
Medium: 30 mls twice a day
Large: 40 mls - 50 mls twice a day

Take a look at the many different and varied uses for Colloidal Silver in everyday health and hygiene:

  • Spray pet bedding and let dry

  • Dab on cuts, grazes, rashes, sunburn and razor nicks 

  • Mix a little into your pet's drinking water, birdbaths and cut flower vases 

  • Help reduce tooth decay, mouth sores and bad breath. Colloidal Silver is said to work by eliminating bacteria deep in throat and on back of tongue. 

  • Add to human and/or pet shampoos to gain disinfectant benefits

  • Add to suspected drinking water when travelling or camping

  • Spray onto burns for rapid healing without scarring. 

  • Use to sterilise any household items like toothbrushes or washing up brushes 

  • Spray on rubbish to prevent decay odours

  • Use on kitchen cloths and sponges to wipe down worktops and cutting boards 

  • Dab onto acne 

  • Spray in shoes, between toes, on skin to give relief to skin itches, athletes foot, fungi etc. 

  • Add to bath water, gargle and nasal spray. 

  • Aids recovery from colds, flu, pneumonia, respiratory infections and viruses

  • Eye and ear infections, warts and some moles vanish (put on plaster and wear overnight each night until gone)

  • Use with cotton buds on fingernail, toenail, and ear fungi

  • Spray refrigerator, freezer and food storage bin interiors

  • Use routinely in laundry final rinse water and always before packing away seasonal clothes

  • Spray plant foliage to help prevent plant diseases like mould and rot

  • Wipe telephone mouthpieces, pipe stems, headphones, hearing aids, eyeglass frames, hairbrushes and combs

  • Excellent for nappies and nappy rash.

  • Wipe around toilet seats, bowls, tile floors, sinks, door knobs

  • Kills persistent odours

  • Rinse invalid's pillowcases, sheets, towels and bedclothes

  • Eye Infection - In case of pink eye or conjunctivitis, place one or two drops in the eye ever couple of hours

  • Ear infection - Use several drops or more in the ear every few hours

  • Nasal Infection - Spray or use several drops or more as needed in each nostril every few hours

  • Mouth ulcers and gum infections - Use one to two teaspoons inside mouth, swish for one to two minutes then swallow

  • Colds and Flu - Use one to two teaspoons, place in mouth and absorb sublingually under the tongue. Repeat every few hours. Start early to help avert full-blown illness.

  • Sore throat and strep - Gargle with one to two teaspoons for one-minute, every two hours, then swallow

  • Cuts, scrapes, mild burns, and abrasions - Apply directly to area or via a band-aid or gauze. Change covering and reapply several time a day.

  • Urinary tract infections - Oral dosage is one tablespoon taken 3 times daily. Most users report noticeable improvement within two to three days, with the infection generally gone in five to seven days.

  • Yeast infections - Take a teaspoon every 3-4 hours for up to one month. 

  • Travelling - Take a teaspoon, absorbed sublingually, every few hours.



Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem, or to diagnose / treat / prevent / cure any disease. All information posted on this web site is provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice. Consult your health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems. This article on colloidal silver is simply a collection of information that is in the public domain, and is presented strictly for informational and educational use only. Information conveyed herein is based on pharmacological and other records both ancient and modern. No claims whatsoever can be made as to the specific benefits that might result from the use of colloidal silver.


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