.... for weight gain ....

10 lb (4.53kg) Hamburger 
10 oz (.28kg) Oats
6 Egg Yolks
10 oz (.28kg) Wheat Germ
10 oz (.28kg) Molasses

Put in a big bowl and mix. 
Roll into one inch balls and freeze. 

.... for weight gain ....

lb (.45kg) hamburger mince (high fat content)
1 package cream cheese 
1 jar all natural peanut butter 
1 dozen egg yolks 
1 cup rolled oats soaked in milk 
1 jar wheat germ 

Mix thoroughly (with hands is best).
Freeze into meal sized bags and thaw as needed.


Small container of heavy cream
1 dozen egg yolks
2 blocks of cream cheese (room temp)
5 lbs ground beef 
1 small box TOTAL cereal (crunch up into small crumbs)
1 cup wheat germ

Mix dry ingredients, add heavy cream, add cream cheese
Mix together.
Add ground beef
Mix together
Roll into balls, and freeze


2 cups Dry Dog food
2 packs cream cheese
1½ cups Peanut Butter
½ cup Corn Oil
1 cup Cottage Cheese
1 pound Browned Hamburger (save some of the grease)

Blend dog food (crushed fine) and add remaining ingredients. 
Mix till you have a doughy mixture add more dog meal as needed if consistency is too thin. 
On wax paper spread some meal and roll out mixture into log shape. 
Refrigerate until firm and slice as needed. 
Feed them a slice or two several times during the day. Very high calorie...will put weight on fairly quick. 

.... for weight gain ....

4.53kg Hamburger Meat
567grams Wheat Germ  
1 large box of Oatmeal [uncooked]
340 grams of Sanitarium Weetbix [small box]
1¼ cups Vegetable Oil 
10 eggs [boiled in shell for 30 seconds]
10 envelopes of unflavoured Gelatin
1¼ cups unflavoured Molasses [also known as Treacle]
2 teaspoons Kelp
1 cup of ground Flax Seed
A pinch of salt 
Garlic to taste

Mix all ingredients together well, much like a meat-loaf, then put into separate freezer bags and freeze, thawing out as needed. It puts weight on in a very short time, not to mention the gloss in their coat. You can use it every day when they have a show to do and it does not produce diarrhoea. It can be fed alone or with kibble. 

Satin Balls are a total canine diet. They can be feed by themself, or as a supplement.


1 pint whole fat Cottage Cheese 
1 lb turkey (or any other ground meat) burger (raw) 
2-3 eggs - boiled in the shell for 30 seconds* 
2 tablespoons Flax Seed or Olive oil 
1 can sardines or tuna fish

It is full of protein, essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes. 

*Boiling the eggs for 30 seconds denature the whites and leave the benefits of the yolks intact. 


Doggie Peanut Cheese Balls

1 dozen hard boiled eggs, chopped
1 lb jar crunchy peanut butter
1 container of Quaker Oatmeal
2 cups of evaporated milk, (Don't dilute!!) 
1 jar wheat germ
1 lb hamburger
8oz. package cream cheese
1 envelope Knox Gelatin Joint Complex, (unflavoured)

In one bowl, pour the evaporated milk over the oatmeal and put aside. Go have a cup of coffee, while you wait for oats to absorb the liquid! 

In a second Large Bowl, place all the other ingredients. Start mixing together, hands work best. Add the oatmeal and evaporated milk mixture, and mix again. When thoroughly blended, form into meatball sized treats, layering in a plastic freezer container. Freeze until needed. Remove a few at a time, allow to thaw, and feed as fattening snacks!

Joan Fremo
Pyrangel Rescue Network 
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Note: This requires a huge pot for mixing! Makes a two week supply for one dog.

1 dozen hard boiled eggs, chopped
10 lbs of inexpensive hamburger meat
20 oz Jar of Wheat Germ
1 canister of Knox Gelatin, joint complex, (Knox Unflavoured NutraJoint Powder 5.5oz)
1 large box of Total breakfast cereal [Australians use 340 grams of Sanitarium Weetbix]
2 x 1 lb boxes of Quaker oatmeal, (the kind you cook)
1½ cups Canola Oil
12 oz jar of unsulfered Molasses
¼ tsp salt
1 heaping teaspoon minced Garlic, (jarred variety or fresh, NOT dried)
Box of 1qt Freezer bags

Just dump all into huge pot and dig in. It takes some effort, and you will be up to your elbows, but you want to mix thoroughly.
Separate into 14 freezer bags, gently squeezing out the air before sealing. Flatten out the bags, (this will allow for a quicker thaw period), and lay flat on a freezer shelf.
Feed one packet each day, half in morning, half in evening. Breaking up into chunks, or rolling into meatballs.

Joan Fremo
Pyrangel Rescue Network 
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  • 10 eggs

  • 10 packs gelatin

  • 12 oz. molasses

  • 2 boxes of shredded wheat cereal, crushed

  • 1 jar wheat germ

  • 5 cups melted lard

  • 1 jar peanut butter

Mix with your hands. Roll into balls. Keep all unused in the freezer. Take one meat ball (per dog) out every morning and allow to thaw for evening meal.


For skinny dogs, adding avocados helps to put on pounds and mix in a little bit of alfalfa (which can be found at most health food stores) into their meals.

Try some of these suggestions to tempt the appetite:

  • Eggs lightly scrambled in butter and adding yoghurt or cream cheese

  • Sautéed chicken liver in butter

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Cooked or boiled hamburger, mixed with grated or parmesan cheese

  • Baby foods, such as pureed meats

  • Homemade chicken soup with noodles

  • Canned salmon or sardines

  • Macaroni and cheese with minced beef or sausage

  • Plain yoghurt with pureed liver, mix well

  • Canned chicken chunks

  • Bites from your own plate

Herbal Supplement Blend

  • 1 ounce each alfalfa; marshmallow root; comfrey; mullein leaves; dandelion root; nettles; parsley

  • 2 ounces each: burdock root or seed; chamomile; horsetail; oat straw; red clover; rose hips; rosemary; slippery elm bark; thyme
  • ¼ ounce each catnip; fennel seeds; garlic powder
  • 1 dash cayenne pepper

    If using cut and sifted herbs, slenderise to a coarse powder. Mix with already-powdered herbs, and store in a dark jar in refrigerator or cool place.

    To use for dogs: give 1 tablespoon to 1 cup per day, depending on the size of the dog.

    Mix herb powder with food or sprinkle it on top. This is only a mineral and preventive medicinal supplement.

    For pregnant or nursing pets, add to the above:
    ½ ounce each: chickweed; comfrey; milk thistle; raspberry leaf

    The Comfrey is in addition to the amount used in the basic recipe.



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