Gluing Ears

From an anonymous sheltie lover

The best method for non-traumatic ear tipping is gluing. Most people I know swear by the brand 'Speed Sew'. I have used it myself on two of my dogs when they were puppies, to correct less-than-perfect earsets. The glue did a world of good. It is much easier for the novice to use than the mole skin process.
The only thing to remember is that you glue hair to hair. Don't glue skin.

Speed Sew is rubbery when dry and dries quite quickly. You don't have to worry about getting it on your fingers as it just rolls into a ball as you rub it when it dries. In fact I would play with it a little in your hand to get familiar with how it works, before actually doing the ears.

I take the hair on the tip of the puppy's ear and glue it to the hair on the inside edge of the ear. In other words you are pulling the ear tip down and in. If you look carefully at the outside edge of your puppy's ear you will see a notch where the ear looks like it has a half circle cut out. Imagine a line drawn straight across from that notch to the other (inner) edge of the ear. That is the point on the inside edge of the ear that you want to glue the tip to.

Once you have the glue in place hold the puppy still and hold the glued point together for a minute or so. Remove your fingers. If it stays together add a little more glue for extra support. Keep puppy still for 2 to 3 minutes. He will probably want to shake his head and paw at the ears. Gently say 'no' and try to discourage this.

Eventually the ear breaks free. Remove the glue. Usually I can comb it out, but sometimes I cut it out. And then put the ear back down again. Be sure to continue this process until your pup has finished teething. Ears do funny things while teething. Then just look at the ears when they come loose and see how they look. If they look good and don't start losing form in a few days, you are done. If they start losing form, glue them back down. Usually by no later than 7 months you will be done.

As far as traumatic, my dogs pawed at them the first day and then forgot about them. It doesn't hurt. And when they come undone it is fun to watch the puppy try to figure out what that is wiggling on the top of its head!

You can order Speed Sew from :

Highland Enterprise
12727 W. Arizona Place

In 1991 the price was $6.50 including shipping.

You can trying checking sewing stores in your area, but I have yet to hear of anyone actually finding it that way.

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