FLINT'S MEDICATED OILâ„¢ has been a trusted treatment since 1892. Safe, gentle and soothing to use on open wounds, it repels flies, has a long lasting effect, and heals from the inside out. Helps prevent the formation of proud flesh.

Flints Medicated Oil is widely used as a disinfectant and bactericide for wounds, cuts and abrasions. It is absorbed and metabolised in the same way as phenol. Cresol kills disease causing gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens, and has a depressing effect on spores. When applied as directed, Flint's Medicated Oil prevents the formation of excess granulation tissue or proud flesh, especially on the lower limbs of horses. Flint's Medicated Oil repels flies from the wound site, enabling the wound to heal naturally without any further irritation, as well as helping to ensure a minimal risk of surface infection whilst providing a protective film to the healing wound.

Flint's Medicated Oil is safe, gentle and soothing to use, has a long lasting effect, and is ideal for use on large cuts and lacerations, and to aid in the healing of all types of skin wounds.

Active Ingredients: Each L contains: CRESOL BP 30 g

For topical application only: Carefully wash or clean discharge from around wound and allow to dry. Ensure wound is dry before applying Flint's Medicated Oil to avoid it being repelled by excess moisture. For cuts, abrasions, wounds and galls, apply Flint's Medicated Oil with spray or cotton wad three times a day. Continue application at least twice daily once the wound is clean and healing without surface infection, swelling or irritation.
Withholding Periods: (MEAT & MILK): NIL.



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