The old-fashioned Sulphur 'ointment' is readily prepared by mixing one ounce of sulphur with two ounces of lard. This is usually applied to the surface at bed-time, at the same time changing the under clothing. It should be rubbed in well, and four applications usually effect a cure. The addition of a few drops of bergamot oil will cover most of its unpleasant smell.

The only worthy use to which it can be put, is in the treatment of itch; and it effectually destroys the itch animalcule. For this purpose, it is best applied as an ointment, thoroughly rubbed in after a good bath of soap and water once in twenty-four hours; though some also prescribe it in doses of one to two drachms, in molasses or milk, once a day, but this is needless.

For eczema, and other skin affections simulating itch, it is of little value.


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