Treatment To Relieve Canine Skin Conditions
A homoeopathically prepared biochemic tissue salt remedy for minor skin ailments)

Skin problems!




Some of the results owners have already had:

Case 1 - Cavalier King Charles:
The owner of this dog spoke to me at a dog show one day, you could see how the CKC was mutilating her feet, scratching and was very nervy. I told the owner about these tablets. Received a phone call from her after two weeks saying what a change in her bitch since treatment started. No longer was Rosie mutilating herself or scratching but also how much calmer she was. The owner also had a rash covering her arms and chest that her doctor had given her many different treatment for. On seeing the results after a few days of her dog being on these tablets she decided to try them herself ... surprisingly the rash also began to disperse. She was over the moon not only with the results of her dog's condition but also that of her own.

Case 2 - Border Collie
I was contacted through my grooming business to clip this dog because a vet had told them they needed to get the remaining coat off so as to treat the dog. When I got there, the dog had a oily smelly coat, with many patches of raw skin. The owners had been treating the dog since a puppy and had spent a fortune on Vet bills. They were so distraught for their dog they were starting to think about putting him to sleep as they felt he wasn't able to enjoy life. I told them about the tablets and suggested they try them. As a last resort they said they would. I kept in contact with them and each week there was a marked improvement in his skin and coat. Today Benson has a great coat, a little sparse but he does not have raw areas or flaky skin and is not scratching himself. They have found that he has to have the tablets all year round but they don't care as they still have Benson.

Case 3 - Heinz variety
Dear Cristina,
A few months back I was telling Veronica Doyle about my dog Sandy and the terrible itch she gets. For six years she has been biting and scratching and I had tried everything the Vet and friends had recommended and nothing had worked - until I tried the "Combination 'D' Tissue Salt"!  I can't believe the change in her. She does not scratch at all now! It is unbelievable to see the difference. Thanks for letting me know about it.
Regards, Carol Cartwright.
Hi Cristina,
I would be very happy for you to keep my letter on file for other people to read. I just can't believe the change in Sandy. She doesn't make any attempt to bite into herself or scratch. I have spent so much money on her over the 6 years. She has even been put on cortisone tablets many times. I was just about to take her to a skin specialist. First visit was going to cost me $150. Follow up visits $100. Thanks again for the advice. Will keep in touch.
Regards Carol.

Case 4 - GSP
Hi Cristina,
I contacted you about the Tissue Salts for my 6 year old GSP. I have been giving these now for just over 2 weeks. For the first 2 weeks I gave him 2 at night with food (1/2 hr before as stated on bottle) & have now gone to 1 a day. His skin is certainly much improved although he still seems to be scratching almost as much - I wonder if this is more a learned response type of thing for him as he has been doing it for so long.
I have to say that considering the hot & humid weather we are currently having, his skin appears much better. (normally at this time of year, and with this weather he would be on a course of cortisone tablets). The skin although all healed up now is quite dry (crepe like in appearance) so have started putting on Sorbolene with Glycerine cream with some Tea Tree Oil
added. I didn't want to put anything else on while trying the Tissue Salts, and maybe masking the effects.
At this stage I have to say it is most certainly a success story with him - I would just like to see the hair grow back again now as he has almost always been without belly & chest hair. He was a nightmare to show as we always had this problem, and although neither parents have a skin problem he has recently been desexed as I wouldn't like it to be passed on. He got his
title very easily too, but I will just enter him in Neuter classes now as he enjoys showing and getting out.
Do you think this dosage is OK? He weighs approx. 32kg.
I am eternally grateful to you for for letting me and others know about this
product. Hope everyone else is as happy as I am.

Case 5 - Standard Poodles & West Highland White
I have been using the tissue salts on 4 dogs, 3 Standard Poodles & a Westie who had one week old pups and had rubbed her chest raw.
Began using tablets on first Dec.
Westie's skin is looking better, redness has disappeared.
The Standards poodles... One no change, still scratching, she has done this for 3 years. Had her on 1.25grams Prednisolone daily to keep her in coat to title. Her son is fine, was only scratching occasionally. Sister rubs her face which runs to the top of her head, hair on this is vital!!!!!!
As it is only under three weeks since I commenced tables. (giving one tablet twice daily) will give it at least 3-4 months to kick in. Perth is probably the worst State for allergy problems.
Dogs are being fed on Royal Canin  with raw bones twice a week. Hope this is the info you want.

Case 6 - Pekingese
Hi Cristina,
I am using them on Conchita 5 year old Peke. Since she was young she would scratch like crazy went she was in season and when she dropped her coat. When it got really bad I would get her an injection from the vet plus use creams. She has been on the Tissue Salts for 10 days and the scratching has slowed down by 2/3 but too early for any skin results yet. I also told, and gave my friend Maxine the tablets for an Australian Silky but will see her on Sunday to find out any results.

Case 7 - Newfoundland
Hi Cristina,
Just wanted to update you on my dogs progress since starting on the D-salt tablets. After starting the tablets my newfee pup broke out into a horrendous rash all over his body. He could not stop scratching and the tablets did nothing to help, so we took a trip to the vet. It was concluded that he now had a very bad skin infection, possibly bought on by fleas, even though he was dosed up constantly on flea treatments. Anyway, 2 cort injections and one course of tablets and finally we have the infection all cleared. In the mean time we continued the D-salt tabs, which he is still on today. Now you have to understand that black long haired dogs are very hard to get clean, and all of my dogs always end up with little flecks of what looks like dandruff. My males seem worse off then the females. However my puppy that is on the D-salt tabs does not have this. In fact, his skin is so clean it shines. We are now going to reduce his dose slowly over a period of two weeks and I will then update you again. I am also thinking of starting my other newfees on them to see if the dandruff disappears from the too. Thanks so much for your help. I think these tablets are wonderful and will certainly keep you informed of the progress.

Case 8
Hi Cristina
I tried the D combination Tissues salts at a dose of two tablets crushed for two week then on to one a day, I am sorry but I nearly got to the two weeks and had to put my girl on Delta cort as she had broken the skin on her tummy and it was weeping and she had developed a nasty ear infection. I did notice however that her feet were less red and not as angry as they were before starting the tissue salts. I shall give her another try with them after her ear settles. I have told so many people about them and they are now using them too and I am sure to hear back at how they go. I did notice one thing about my girl and that was that her skin colour seemed to go darker, is this a normal thing or is it just her? My girl is over 9 now and spayed after her show/breeding career she is titled and did very well in the ring, but as she has gotten older her skin has been a problem, more so since she has been spayed.

Case 9 -
Hi Cristina,
Just an update & thanks to your advice on "COM. D SALTS" Mimi's skin is clearing beautifully, just has a few pimple scars to suntan now.
Many many thanks.

Case 10 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Enquiry dated 26th Dec. 2003 
Hi Cristina
My name is Denise Bottero and I have been following with great interest the discussion on Tissue Salts. I was wondering if it might help my 8yr old staffy,  he keeps rubbing his rump on the cement and also the very top of his tail with the result his tail has a bald spot each side and the top of his rump is very thin with hair. He has no fleas or skin infection and is not washed on a regular basis as his skin is very dry he had oil etc in his meals. I have been rubbing Alo-Vera into the areas twice daily at least this stops him rubbing it. Do you think that these salts might help him if so just how much do I give him if I can get them he is about 19 - 21 k and I want to take him to Canberra in April to go in the veterans and I would like him to look his best even if he is a little grey around the gills. Sorry to  send this now but this is the first time I have had to get on and contact  people. Thanks in advance for your help will wait to hear from you. 

Result to date so far - email received 26/01/04
Hi Cristina
Just to let you know how things are going.
My boy has been on the tabs for nearly three weeks now and silly me had him on the wrong dose but now that is corrected. He has just about stopped rubbing his back and tail and his hair is growing also his coat which is usually very coarse is soft. So on the strength of that have started my other boy nearly 3yrs old on one tab a day to soften his coat which is also slightly coarse.

Many thanks for the info. Denise Bottero

Case 11 - West Highland White Terrier
12th March, 2004
Dear Cristina
You e-mailed me Christmas 2003 about the cell salts, Combination D. Well, they sure have worked for my Westie "Grace". I now call her ' polar bear legs ' because the hair on her lower legs and paws has grown long and white since the tablets kicked in late January. She is not chewing her paws as much, this is quite noticeable, and she seems a lot calmer . A friend of mine has put her Westie on these tablets and has solved an itchy skin problem and the paw chewing problem.
So well done and thank you_especially from 'Grace'
Regards and best wishes

Paula Passi




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