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Sadly, although not often, there are times when one of our beautiful little lions is handed into a pound or shelter. In many cases it is by a breeder who has no further use for the dog. Tragic as it is, I feel that this is probably the one hope for the future of the dog - to be relocated into a loving home where they will get the one-on-one attention that they so crave and deserve!

Harvey, a desexed four years old male Lowchen, available to a wonderful family home.




Harvey is a four years old de-sexed male Löwchen, located in Sydney, seeking a loving, permanent home.

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** CLEO **
October 2003

** JEWEL **
August, 2003

Cleo has found a wonderful home!

Jewel has gone to her new home

Dogs can act as powerful social catalysts, making it easier for people to make social contact with each other. This effect is the same in different locations and with differences in the appearance of the dogs or handlers. Quite simply, people are motivated to make conversation if there is a safe topic available. Dogs appear to fulfil this role.

You are quite welcome to email me at any time to see if I know of any Löwchens that may be available for a permanent special home. Often there are older house-trained males or females available that are Australian Champions and seeking a wonderful loving home.

Owning a dog is a commitment– know your time constraints, research breed traits, plan to include your pet in your family activities and life. A pet is for life!

Say NO! to animals in pet shops!
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An estimated 130,000 dogs and 60,000 cats are killed in Australia each year...  80,000 dogs and cats put down each year in NSW alone!!!

The Australian pet shop market for live animals represents big money for backyard breeders and puppy farmers. They indiscriminately produce enormous quantities of puppies and kittens and sell them to pet shops for profit.

Pet shops put these cute puppies and kittens in their window to encourage you to buy. Thousands of animals bought on impulse like this will end up euthanised in the pounds when the novelty wears off.

Say no to ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS. Keep pet shops for food and accessories and put backyard breeders and puppy farmers out of business

Visit www.saynotoanimalsinpetshops.com for information and to sign a petition


Tips for Writing a LOST DOG Poster

For the first-time dog owner, I suggest that you visit some of the links below,
to see exactly what you can expect, and what your pet will expect or require.


I'm waiting here in foster care for you to come and see
The one the others have passed by, please, stop and look at me!
I'm not alone here in my quest to find myself a place
Where someone will have love for me and softly stroke my face.

We're not so young in years they say, although we're young at heart
If you'll take a chance with us, please know we'll do our part.
Our faces have a bit of white, our legs a slower gait
Our hearts so full of love to give, but still we sit and wait.

A younger dog is what folks want, one who romps and plays
They won't take the time to look at us - just think we're old and grey.

Little do they know the things we have to offer them
Manners learned and quiet souls, good dogs all we've been.
There are those here too, whose souls were damaged and in pain
Before they came to this safe place and learned to trust again.
When new folks come and look at them, they seem withdrawn and shy.
Time is all they need to learn that new bonds they can tie.
Patience, love and gentle hands is all they ask of you
In exchange - their hearts they give you in their lives so new.

We may not be the perfect dogs in everybody's eye
Too big, too small, too brown, too slow, too black, too old, too shy.
But unless you sit and take the time and see all that we can be
You'll miss the best that is right here....
Please stop ....

HEY .... Look at ME! 

(Author Unknown)

A word of warning for the puppy buyer - in recent months some pet shops in the Sydney area have been selling smooth-coated Löwchens as "show quality" - the smooth-coated Löwchen does pop up in some litters periodically, but it is not desired, and it would be most doubtful if one would win in the show ring against quality Löwchens. Ethical breeders would not use a smooth-coated Löwchen in their breeding programs. If you are looking for a lovely Löwchen puppy - go here to find a breeder closest to you who can guide you in the right direction. We do not knowingly associate with, or list any breeders who retail puppies through pet shops!

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