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21st Century Names


What awaits us in the New Millenium?

Space travel? Moon cities? Time travel? Free checking? Well, whatever awaits man (or woman) in the future, we know that our best friends won't be far behind. Here are some name suggestions for your future canine companions to keep them Y2K compatible...

Viagra Lock up your daughters/bitches (dog reference)!
Ginseng If your puppy is full of energy, this might be the one.
Ginkoba Probably suited for a breed with higher intelligence
Rimadyl Hopefully your dog won't ever need to use it
Pfizer The dog on their website is named Pfido
Motrin For that dog that gives you big headaches
Midol Female dogs only.
Advil When you have a headache, this puppy will relieve it
Aleve When you have a headache a regular puppy just can't relieve
Rogaine For the dog with long hair
Propecia Another hair-brained name for your hairy dog
Slim Fast I'm picturing a racing dog
Dexatrim A puppy with a little baby/puppy fat
Ensure "Bring Ensure along wherever your busy day takes you!"
Boost For the puppy that keeps you going
Neutrogena For the puppy with clean, clear, healthy looking skin

Lycos Their commercial with the black lab comes to mind "Lycos, go get it!"
Yahoo The biggest thing on the internet for the biggest thing in your life.
eBay e-anything will work. ePay, eFax, eTrade, eRover, eFetch, ePoop...
Dell Kinda boring, but can be short for something more interesting like psychadelic or Philadelphia
Compaq A perfect name for a small dog (Heh heh)
Dotcom You can add this to the end of any name...,,
Cisco or Lucent For a net-working dog. Sounds like something you'd name a snake or alligator.
Tripod I know that's a punchline to a three legged dog joke.
Xoom The perfect name for a fast, racing dog.
Intel You could name their puppies Pentium I, Pentium II, and Pentium III.
Netscape Maybe a dog that is always trying to runaway?
Excite Another name for a hyperactive puppy.
Shockwave I'm thinking of another large puppy. Boom!
IOmega Sounds like something you would name a robot. Or better yet, IRover. For your Cyberian Husky
Go or Disney will sue you! I can almost guarantee you that!
Hewlett or Packard Large puppies that require a lot of maintenance.
Microsoft A fluffy, small dog... or a large powerful anti-trust violating dog.
DVD For your CDs, compact dogs.
Double Click Maybe a better name for your pet mouse.
Mindspring A thinking dog?
@Home Where your dog is always at...

Scully & Mulder Got a pair of inquistive puppies? "The rawhide is out there!"
Cartman Got a large puppy that likes to bark back at you?
Anakin Upon his/her 4th birthday, change name to Vader
Darth Maul I thought it was Darth Mole
Jar Jar What's that smell? Jar Jar Stinks.
Yoda Anger leads to Pigs. Pigs lead to Muppets. Muppets leads to Green Puppets. Green Puppets leads to Yoda.
Buffy The cheshire cat slayer?
Angel (submitted by James T.) Could be an ironic name... "Bad Angel, Bad Angel!"
Ally McVeal You already have a unisex bathroom, the backyard.
Catdog Confuse the hell out of your dog. "What kind of dog are you, Catdog? Go chase the cat."
Felicity More of a cat's name. It would be like naming your boy, Betty.
Blues/Blues Clues Is there a breed of dog that comes in this color?
Pokemon The popular Nintendo video game
Pikachu (submitted by Eric P.) Bless you...
Furby A dog that barks annoyingly whenever it feels like it!
Ty (as in "Beanie Baby" Warner) Another name that will guarantee a lawsuit!
Dawson (submitted by RGP1944) A puppy that barks like a middle aged dog?
The Matrix (submitted by RGP1944) All is not what is seems to be...
Blair Witch (submitted by Julie) You dog may wander off... and never return...
Gwyneth (submitted by trapuve) A beautiful dog with an 18th century look.

Rodman Got a multi-colored dog?
Tiger (Woods) More of a cat's name, but could go with a feisty, determined puppy.
Kobe (Bryant) Correctly pronounced Ko-bay, but Ko-bee may sound better. Kobe the Doby
His/Her Airness (Michael Jordan) Can your dog jump?... I mean really jump.
Iron Mike or Holyfield Maybe a doberman that needs to get it's ears cropped. (Heh heh)
Shaq Fu I'm picturing a huge, muscular rottweiler puppy with potty training problems.
Junior (Ken Griffey Jr.) Not the name you want to give a Great Dane puppy.
Penny (Hardaway) Pretty as a penny. Big Mac Ate 70 bones in one season.
Sammy (Sosa) Only ate 66 bones.
Dickie V(itale) (submitted by Raptor_Fan) A dog that talks in its own language.
Air Canada (Vince Carter) (submitted by Raptor_Fan) A dog with a lot of hang time...

Moppet (submitted by Janine) As soon as we bought her home, she weed all over the floor...
Mooned (submitted by bialostok) Because dogs don't wear pants...


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