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Zulu Names

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Amahle M/F the beautiful ones
Andile M/F they have extended, the family is growing
Ayanda M/F they augment (the family)
Ayize M/F let it happen/come
Bandile  M they have extended in number
Bangizwe M fighting for land; born in a civil war
Bheka M behold, look, watch; take care of
Bhekisisa F to be careful, cautious; watch carefully
Bhekizizwe M look after the nations
Bhekithemba M look after hope/look for hope
Bongani M be thankful, grateful
Bonginkosi M Thank the Lord
Busisiwe F blessed
Buyisiwe M returned
Cashile M hidden; child of a concealed birth
Cebile F rich
Chaka M

name of a powerful Zulu leader

Chakide M weasel
Chitauli M dictator; one who tells us the law
Delani M content
Dingane M one who is searching
Dingiswayo M a great Zulu King
Dube M zebra
Duduzile F consoled
Dumisani M praise (to God); glorify
Fanyana M little boy
Fikile F she has arrived (born)
Funani F what are we searching for?
Gatsha F girls name
Gazini M blood
Ghakarhi M unknown
Gugu F precious; treasure
Gwala M coward
Hlengiwe F redeemed
Ibubesi M lion
Indlovu M/F forceful one
Ingiyab M/F the great Serpent
Ingwe M/F leopard
Impisi M/F Hyena
Izagala M a stick
Izula M/F nomad, gypsy
Jabu M rejoice
Jabulani M rejoice
Jabulie F she is happy
Kakaka M name of a Zulu Prince
Kaya F restful
Kgabu M/F to decorate richly
Khethiwe F chosen, the one who is chosen
Khombecansini  F name of a Zulu Princess
Khulekani F pray
Kubu M rebellion
Kwanele M it is enough
Lindani M wait; be patient
Lindela M wait for something
Lindelani M wait
Lindiwe F waited for
Londisizwe M protect; take care of the nation
Lungile M the good one
Lwandle F ocean
Makhosazana F Princesses
Malusi M shepherd
Mandla M power, energy
Manelesi M satisfier
Mapoza M one who chases people
Mbali F flower
Mhambi M traveller
Mbhali F rose
Meshindi M winner, conqueror, victor
Mondli M feeder
Msizi M helper
Mthunzi M power
Mvelo M beginning/origin; creation
Nandi  F sweet
Nathi M short for Nkosinathi
Nhalahla F luck
Nhlakanipho M wisdom
Njabulo M happiness
Nkonkoni M/F champion; leader
Nkosinathi M God is with us
Nkosingiphile F Lord, I am in good health
Nkosiphendule M God has answered
Nobuhle F the beautiful one
Nolwazi F the one with knowledge
Nomathemba F hope
Nombuso F one who has kingdom; joyous celebration
Nomsa F the caring one; faith
Nomusa F with grace, kindness
Nomvula F after the rain
Nomzamo F struggle
Nonhlanhla F luck
Nonkululeko F freedom
Nozipho F mother of gifts
Ntokozo F joy/happiness
Ntombazi F name of a Zulu Queen
Ntombi F lady
Ntombifuthi F another girl
Ntombizanele F enough girls
Ntombizodwa F only girls
Phila M in good health
Philani M be well; to be patient
Phumlani M rest
Qhikiza F full-grown girl
Qinisela M persevere
Sakhile M we have built
Samukelisiwe F we have been welcomed
Sandile M we have increased
Sanele  M we are satisfied; have enough
S'bu  M short for Sibusiso
Shaka M name of a powerful Zulu leader
Sibakabaka  M/F sky. blue sky
Sibongile F we are thankful
Sibongiseni M we are thankful
Sibusiso M blessing
Sifiso M wish; what we had wished for
Sihle  M short for Simosihle
Simangele F surprise
Simosihle F beautiful feeling
Simphiwe M/F we have been given him/her
Sindiswa F saved
Sinethemba F we have hope
Sinenhlanhla F we have luck
Siphephelo F refuge
Siphelele M we are complete
Sipho M gift
Siphokazi F gift
Sithembile M/F we trust
Sithembiso M a promise
Siyabonga  M we thank you
Siyanda F we are increasing; we are growing
Sizani F you all help
Sizwe M nation
Slindile F we're waiting
Sonto F Sunday
S'phamandla M give us strength
Tandie M/F fire
Thabo M happiness
Thabisa  F bring joy
Thandeka F beloved
Thandiwe F loved
Thando M/F love
Themba M/F trust, hope, faith
Thembi F trusting
Thembisile F promised
Thenjiwe F the trusted one
Thoko F happiness
Tholakele F found
Thulani M be still/quiet
Thulisile F she who made things quiet
Ulwazi M the one with knowledge
Unathi F God is with us
Vusi M short for Vusumuzi
Vusumuzi M builder of the home
Vuyiswa F made happy
Wandile M you are extra
Xolani M you all have peace; to forgive
Zama  F try
Zandile F they have multiplied
Zanele F we are satisfied;  we've had enough of girls
Zithembe M trust yourself
Zinhle F (the girls) are good/beautiful
Zishwezi  M/F glidal creatures
Zodwa F short for Ntombizodwa
Zola F tranquil
Note: Zulu names beginning with NO are usually female!

Dlamini, Hlanganani, Kaleni, Mabena, Mabuza, Mathebula, Mhaule, Ndebele, Nkosi, Shabangu, Sibanyoni, Silongo



Zulu shield

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