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A comprehensive list of collective terms for animals from Chinaroad

A comprehensive list of collective terms for animals. Many will be familiar
but others will be unheard of, deriving from 15th century witticisms or 
literary imagination, and some are simply archaic or erroneous. 


A herd of antelope
A colony or an army of ants
A shrewdness of apes
A herd or pace of asses

A cete of badgers
A culture of bacteria
A battery of barracuda 
A shoal of bass
A colony of bats
A sleuth or sloth of bears
A colony or lodge of beavers
A swarm, erst, grist, flight or hive of bees
A flock, flight, congregation or volery of birds
A sedge or siege of bitterns
A sounder or singular of boars
A brace or clash of bucks
A chatter of budgerigars 
A herd of buffalo 
A bellowing of bullfinches
A swarm of butterflies 
A wake of buzzards

A caravan or flock of camels
An army of caterpillars
A clowder or clutter of cats
A herd or drove of cattle
A coalition of cheetahs 
A brood or peep of chickens
A clutch or chattering of chicks
A bed of clams
A quiver of cobras
A rag or rake of colts
A cover or raft of coots
A kine of cows (twelve cows are a flink)
A band of coyote
A sedge or siege of cranes
A float, bask of crocodiles
A congress, hover or murder of crows
A litter of cubs
A herd of curlews
A cowardice of curs

A herd of deer
A pack, cry, or kennel of dogs
A dule or cote of doves
A brace, paddling or team of ducks

A convocation of eagles
A bind of eels
A clutch or setting of eggs
A herd or parade of elephants 
A pod of elephant seals
A weaner pod is yearling elephant seals
A gang of elks
A mob of emus

A business, cast or fesnyng of ferrets
A charm of finches
A school, shoal, run, haul, catch, draught of fish
A swarm of flies
A roost of fowls
A skulk or leash of foxes
An army or colony of frogs

A flock, wedge, gaggle, skein (in flight) of geese
A corps of giraffes 
A cloud or horde of gnats
A herd, tribe or trip goats
A charm or drum of goldfinches
A band of gorillas
A leash of greyhounds

A down or husk of hares
A cast or kettle of hawks
An array or prickle of hedgehogs 
A brood of hens
A hedge of herons
A thunder or crash of hippos
A drift, or parcel of hogs
A team, stable, pair or harras of horses
A pack, mute or cry of hounds

A party or band of jays
A smack or fluther of jellyfish

A troop or mob of kangaroos
A kindle, litter or intrigue of kittens

An ascension or exaltation of larks
A leap (leep) of leopards
A pride, sowse or sault of lions
A plague of locusts

A tiding of magpies 
A sord of mallards
A stud of mares
A richness of martens
A labour of moles
A troop of monkeys
A barren or span of mules

A romp or bevy of otters
A parliament or wisdom of owls
A yoke, drove, team or herd of oxen
A bed of oysters

A company or prattle of parrots
A covey or bew of partridges
A muster or ostentation of peacocks
A litter of peeps
A nest, nide (nye) or bouquet of pheasants
A flock or flight of pigeons
A litter of pigs
A wing or congregation of plovers
A chine of polecats 
A string of ponies
A pod of porpoises
A coterie of prairie dogs 
A circus of puffins 

A covey or bevy of quail

A nest, bury, flick or warren of rabbits
A mask of racoons
A field of racehorses 
A pack or swarm of rats
A rhumba of rattlesnakes
An unkindness of ravens
A crash or herd of rhinos
A bevy of roebucks
A building or clamour of rooks

A squabble of seagulls
A herd, bob, harem or pod of seals
A drove or flock of sheep
A stench of skunks
A nest, pit, slither or bed of snakes
A walk or wisp of snipe
A host of sparrows
A dray of squirrels
A murmuration of starlings
A mustering of storks
A flight of swallows
A bevy, herd, lamentation, ballet, wedge of swans
A flock of swifts
A sounder or drift of swine

A spring or diving of teal
An ambush or streak of tigers 
A knot of toads
A durante of toucans 
A hover of trout
A rafter of turkeys
A pitying or dule of turtledoves
A bale or turn of turtles

A nest of vipers
A venue of vultures


A pod of walrus
A sneak of weasels 
A school, gam or pod of whales
A nest of vipers
A pack or route of wolves
A fall of woodcocks
A descent or gattling of woodpeckers
A clew of worms

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