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True Blue Aussie Names

Abo slang word for Aboriginal
Ace excellent!; very good!
Aggro aggravated, angry, ticked off!
Akubra type, or brand of hat
Arana moon 
Arvo  afternoon 
Aussie Australian 
Banger sausage
Barbie  barbeque 
Barney argument, punch-up
Barrack root for, cheer 
Battler a hard-worker, just making a living
Beanie woollen close-fitting cap or hat
Berko crazy; insane
Bikkie biscuit, cookie
Billabong watering hole 
Billy  metal can to boil tea over a fire 
Bingle motor vehicle accident
Bitzer mongrel dog 
Bizzo business
Bloke man 
Blotto very drunk!
Bludger lazy person, lay-about
Blue fight 
Bluey blue Cattle Dog; redhead;  
Bodgy of inferior quality
Bonza great; ripper
Boomer  large male kangaroo 
Boozer a pub
Brickie a bricklayer
Brizzie Brisbane, state capital of Queensland
Brumby a wild horse
Bundy  brand of rum made in Queensland 
Bunyip mythical Australian creature
Burke back of Burke - in the sticks
Bushie one who lives in the bush
Buster strong wind
Cabbie taxi driver  
Cheerio goodbye  
Chewie  chewing gum   
Chippy a carpenter  
Chokky chocolate   
Chook a chicken   
Chopper a helicopter  
Chrissie Christmas   
Chunder vomit  
Clackers false teeth  
Cobber friend, mate  
Cockie farmer; cockatoo; cockroach  
Coldie a beer  
Compo Workers' Compensation pay  
Cooee  long way off   
Coppa policeman  
Corker something excellent  
Corroboree  Aboriginal dance festival 
Cozzie swimming costume
Cranky in a bad mood, angry
Dag  funny, humorous person; nerd; goof
Daks trousers 
Dero tramp; hobo; derelict
Didgeridoo  Aboriginal wind instrument 
Digger  Australian soldier 
Dingo an Australian wild dog; a coward
Dinki-di  true Australian
Drongo a dope; a slow-witted stupid person
Dux top of the class 
Ekka the Brisbane Exhibition; annual Royal Show
Esky large insulated food/drink container for picnics etc.
Fair dinkum  genuine
Fairy Floss  cotton candy 
Freo Fremantle 
Galah noisy, rude person (Australian bird)
Hooroo goodbye 
Howzat! an appeal for approval (how's that)
Humdinger excellent!
Jackaroo  male station hand 
Jarrah  eucalyptus tree 
Jillaroo  female station hand 
Joe Bloggs average citizen, John Doe 
Joey  baby kangaroo 
Jumbuck  sheep 
Kaput broken; ruined
Kero kerosene 
Kiah  from the beautiful place 
Kit  pack with your belongings 
Kiwi a New Zealander
Larrikin a bloke who is always enjoying himself, harmless prankster 
Lollies sweets, candy 
Mate friend 
Matilda Swagman's bedding; sleeping bag or roll 
Middy  285 ml. beer glass 
Missus the wife!
Moolah cash money
Mozzie mosquito 
Nasho National Service (compulsory military service)
Nipper young surf lifesaver
Nong  idiot 
Ocker unsophisticated person
Oz Australia 
Ozzie Australian 
Pash  passionate kiss 
Plonk cheap wine
Polly politician
Pommy  Englishman 
Postie  postman 
Prezzies  presents 
Ridgy-didge genuine; original
Ripper great, fantastic!
Rollie  homemade cigarette 
Roo  kangaroo 
Sanger a sandwich
Schooner Queensland - large beer glass, South Australia - medium beer glass
Sheila woman 
Shonky  questionable deal 
Skite show-off; brag
Smoko smoke or coffee break
Sooky cry-baby; person or animal who is soft, tame 
Squizz look 
Stickybeak  nosy person 
Stubby  a 375ml. beer bottle 
Swag  canvas bag for your belongings 
Swaggie swagman; tramp
Talia  near water 
Troppo crazy; insane
Tucker  food 
Ute  utility vehicle, pickup truck 
Vejjo  vegetarian 
Wally a person who makes mistakes
Woop Woop  long way from civilization; invented name for any small town
Wowser a spoil-sport
Yobbo redneck; an uncouth youth
Zack sixpence
True Blue Aussie Names

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