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Names meaning "GIANT", "BIG", "LARGE"

Name Gender Meaning Origin
Albion: M one of the Titan giants fathered by Poseidon (Greek Mythology)
Aloeus: M father of giants (Greek Mythology)
Amayeta: F big berries (Native American)
Anakim: M a giant race (Jewish Mythology)
Argus: M a giant with a hundred eyes  (Greek Mythology)
Athos M a giant, one of the Gigantes (Greek Mythology)
Atlas: M King of Atlantis; a Triton giant (Greek Mythology)
Awarnach: M a giant (Arthurian Legend)
Azam: M greatest, biggest (Arabic)
Balor: M "Evil Eye" king of the Fomorians, a race of giants. (Irish Mythology)
Bestla: F an ancient frost giantess (Norse Mythology)
Boleslaw M great glory; large glory (Polish)
Brady: M/F large-chested (English/Irish)
Cacus: M a fire-breathing giant (Roman Mythology)
Caw: M a giant (Arthurian Legend)
Celso: M tall (Italian)
Corb: M a giant, one of the Fomorians (Irish Mythology)
Custennin: M mythical giant (Celtic)
Cyclops: M a one-eyed monster giant (Greek Mythology)
Da-Xia: F big hero (Chinese)
Enzo: M a giant (Italian)
Eskaminzim: M big mouth (Native American)
Fomors: M a giant (Irish Mythology)
Garm: M a giant hound (Norse Mythology)
Geirrod: M a giant (Norse Mythology)
Gerd: F a frost giantess (Norse Mythology)
Grant: M great; large (English/Scottish)
Gwynfor: M great, large; white, fair (Scottish)
Hallmar: M a big ocean stone (Scandinavian)
Hanska: M tall (Sioux)
Hercules: M a giant (Greek Mythology)
Humberto: M big; bright (German)
Hyndla: F a giantess (Norse Mythology)
Jarnsaxa: F a giantess (Norse Mythology)
Jupiter: M the largest planet in the solar system (Roman)
Kabandha: M an ugly giant (Indian)
Kapre: M a mythical giant (Philippine Mythology)
Kentaro: M big boy (Japanese)
Kwatoko: M bird with big beak (Hopi)
Kyo: M large, or approval, or ginger (Japanese)
Langston: M town of the giant (English)
Loki: M a giant; God of Mischief (Norse Mythology)
Magnus: M large (Latin)
Montaro: M big boy (Japanese)
Morven: F big gap (Scottish)
Nagendra: M a large snake in Hindu legend (Indian)
Naira: F big eyes (Quechua/Aymara)
Olvadi: M a giant (Norse Mythology)
Olwyn: F daughter of a giant (Arthurian Legend)
Oni M a giant creature (Japanese Folklore)
Quetzlcoatl: M a giant white God (South American)
Reis: M a giant (Israeli)
Rion: M a pagan giant (Arthurian Legend)
Sequioa: M/F giant redwood tree (Native American)
Skadi: F a mountain giantess (Norse Mythology)
Skathi F a giantess (Norse Mythology)
Tai: M/F very big (Chinese)
Tarvos: M a giant (Gallic)
Tethra: M a giant, one of the Fomorians (Irish Mythology)
Thiazi: M a giant (Norse Mythology)
Tiamat: F a sea, appearing as a huge dragon (Eastern Mythology)
Titania: F land of giants (Greek)
Tito: M giant (Spanish)
Titus: M a giant (Greek)
Vargovie: M has big lips (Czechoslovakian)
Vipal: M large, extensive, plenty (Sanskrit Indian)
Virat: M very big, giant proportioned (Indian)
Vishal: M huge, giant, large, broad (Sanskrit)
Votan: M a tall white tutelary deity (South American)
Windigo: M a cannibal giant (North American)
Ysbaddaden: M a giant (Arthurian Legend)
Zipacna: M a giant (Maya Mythology)
Large, giant or big names


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