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This is a list of black superheroes from the continent of Africa, the United States, Europe, Canada, Micronesia, New Zealand, Australia, the West Indies and elsewhere.

Top Publishers
DC Comics

Mohammed Ibn Bornu from the Cadre of the Immortal
Amazing Man I (Will Everett) 
Amazing Man II (Will Everett, III) 
Amber (ally of Jericho trained by Adeline Kane Wilson, operative of Searcher's Inc.) 
Batman (Wayne Williams) (Just Imagine... Batman by Stan Lee) 
Betty Clawman (New Guardians) 
Big Thunder (Bulleteer miniseries) 
Black Lightning 
Black Racer (from the New Gods) 
Blindside (from Relative Heroes) 
Bronze Tiger 

Cal Durham (Aquaman ally, turned to Waterbreather by Black Manta) 
Carla White (Darkstars) 
Cascade (Sovereign Seven) 
Catspaw (Legion of Superheroes) 
Chunk (Flash ally) 
Coldcast (Justice League Elite) 
The Commander (New Gods) 
Computo II (Legion of Superheroes) 
Conjura (Super Dictionary, 1978. Backwards magic like Zatanna.) 
Crimson Avenger III 
Crispus Allen (The Spectre) 
Crystallex (Raphael Harris, becomes living crystal and morphs.) 
Data (Freddie Martin), (Thriller), 1983-84 
Director Bones 
Doctor Midnight (Beth Chapel) 
Doctor Mist 
Epiphany (member of the DNAngels, US government agent.) 
Eran Shadowstorm (Centaur Protector of the Realm from the Wizardworld series)
FerAlyse (Jackee Jones who went by the street name ZuLuLu.) 
Firestorm III 
4D (Ultramarine Corps) 
Flex & Thermal (Suicide Squad) 
Freedom Beast 
Gary Washington (Checkmate operative) 
Gear (Legion of Superheroes) 
Ghost Lion (Hypotheticals, JLA Classified #16-21) 
Glenn Gammeron (Intergalactic Bounty Hunter from Mi'ran.) 
Gravedigger (Captain Ulysses Hazard, Men of War 1-26) 
Green Lantern III (John Stewart) 
Healer Randolph (One of Tomahawk's Rangers, an ex-slave turned folk healer) 
Hero Cruz 
Invisible Kid II (Legion of Superheroes) 
Jackie Johnson (Easy Company) 
Jakeem Thunder 
Jet (Formerly of the New Guardians, now a Global Guardian) 
Jim Corrigan (African-American police officer, ally of Jimmy Olsen & Black Lightning) 
Jody (ally of Tomahawk) 
Joto (now known as Hot Spot) 
Josiah Power 
Kid Impala (Ultramarine Corps) 
Kid Quantum 
Lady Liberty III (Battle for Bludhaven) 
Machiste (sometimes ally of the Warlord) 
Manhattan Guardian 
Martin Ellis (woke from coma in Justice League Quarterly #17) 
Maximum (Supermen of America) 
Microwavebelle (Hero Hotline) 
Mister Bones (DEO regional director) 
Mister Miracle III 
Mister Terrific II 
Mohammed Ibn Bornu (North African warrior hero from Cadre of the Immortal) 
Mongrel (Blood Pack) 
Muhammad X 
New Moon (a member of the Moondancers. Northwind 
Nu'Bia (Wonder Woman ally) 
Obatala, Lord of the White Cloth 
Pantha (Teen Titans) 
Philippus (Amazon ally of Wonder Woman) 
Rush & Silence (mentioned in Superman v2 #179, August 2002) 
Samosa (one of the Kid Lanterns from Green Lantern Mosaic) 
Scrap (One of the D.E.O.rphans from Titans vol. 4 #26.) 
Sela (Atlantean warrior woman 3,000 years ago. JLA Obsidian Age) 
Shango the Thunderer 
Shondra Kinsolving (ally of Batman) 
Sojourner (Henrietta Jessup, a member of Artemis' HellEnders.) 
The Solution (Teen Titans tryout, Young Justice ally) 
Sonik (Superman/Batman ally from World's Finest) 
Star Boy (Legion of Superheroes) 
Steel III 
Steel IV 
Static Shock 

Stoneyard (mentioned in Superman v2 #179, August 2002) 
Superman & Supergirl of Earth-D (from Legends of the DC Universe) 
Superman (Harvey Dent) (Tangent Comics: Superman #1) 
Ted & Terri Trapper (private detectives) 
Tempest (Joshua Clay from the Doom Patrol) 
Thunder (Anissa Pierce) 
Tina Ames (Power of "Bio-Energy") 
Tyroc (Legion of Superheroes) 
Underground (mentioned in Superman v2 #179, August 2002) 

Vykin (Forever People) 
Wilson Forbes (Daily Planet reporter from the Super Dictionary, 1978) 
Wyldeheart (ally of Damage) 

Zeke (One of the D.E.O.rphans from Titans vol. 4 #26) 

Impact Comics

Black Hood II (Giles "Hit" Coffee)

Milestone Comics

Buck Wild, Mercenary Man (real name Rufus T. Wild.) 
Duct (Damon Briggs, ally of Hardware) 
DMZ (a member of Blood Syndicate) 
Fade (a member of Blood Syndicate) 
Flashback (a member of Blood Syndicate) 
Pyre (former member of Blood Syndicate) 
Payback (member of Heroes) 
Sideshow (member of (Shadow Cabinet) 
Technique (female version of Hardware) 
Wise Son (a member of Blood Syndicate) 

Vertigo Comics

Agent 355 (Y: The Last Man) 
Boy (Lucille Butler from the Invisibles) 
Chullo (Charles Henry, ex-cop) 

Wildstorm (ABC/Homage)

Ambrose Chase (Planetary) 
Anansi (illusion-casting hero, Astro City) 
Battalion (Jackson King) 
Black Badge (vigilante, Astro City) 
Black Rapier (member of the Honor Guard, Astro City) 
Blue Knight (vigilante, Astro City) 
Cleopatra (member of the Honor Guard, Astro City) 
Dhalua Strong (wife of Tom Strong) 
Flint (formerly of Stormwatch associate of the Authority) 
Hoodoo Priest (Parsifal Congo from Top Ten) 
Jack-in-the-Box (vigilante, Astro City) 
King Peacock (John Corbeau from Top Ten) 
Micro-Maid (Doctor Sally-Jo Jessell from Top Ten) 
MPH (member of the Honor Guard, Astro City) 
New American (First appears in The American Way #1) 
Promethea (ABC Comics) 
Rite (warrior woman, one of the Changers, Stormwatch) 
Stochastic Fats (Willie Beaumont from Top Ten) 
Strafe (Malcolm King) 
Synaesthesia (Wanda Jackson from Top Ten) 
Tesla Strong (daughter of Tom Strong) 

Marvel Comics

Abraham Brown (Sons of the Tiger) 
Aegis (New Warriors) 
Agent Storm/Tempest (X-Force) 
Alex Wilder (Runaways) 
Anarchist (X-Force) 
Attractive Lad (Crazy Eights) 
Axe II (Harriers) 
Bishop (X-Men) 
The Black Musketeers (Dr. Joshua Itobo, Ishanta, and Khanata; allies of the Black Panther) 
Black Panther 
Bling (member of New X-Men) 
Brother Voodoo 
Captain America (Isaiah Bradley) 
Cecilia Reyes (X-Men) 
Chord (New Warriors ally) 
Darwin (half-black, half-Latino, X-Men) 
Deathlok (Michael Collins) 
Doorman (Great Lakes X-Men) 
Goliath (Bill Foster, Avengers) 
Gabe Jones, one of the Howling Commandos 
Gateway (X-Men ally, Australian Aborigine) 
Genii (Young Gods) 
Georgianna Castleberry (Team America) 
Girth (Happy Campers, NFL Superpro) 
Goblyn (sister of Laura Dean, ally of Alpha Flight) 
G. W. Bridge (S.H.I.E.L.D.) 
Hammer (Six Pack) 
Heather Hudson (Exiles) 
Hit-Maker (half-black, half-Mexican) 
Horus (Heliopolitan Gods) 
Hybrid (New Warriors) 
Isis (Heliopolitan Gods) 
Josiah X (The Crew) 
Kasper Cole (The Crew) 
"Licorice" Calhoun (illusionist, appeared in S.H.I.E.L.D.) 
Lightbright (Silver Sable's Wild Pack) 
Luke Cage (aka Power Man) 
Maggott (former member of the X-Men, deceased) 
Marcus Stone (Code Blue) 
Meteor Man (Jefferson Reed) 
Midnight Sun (ally of Shang-Chi) 
Misty Knight (Heroes for Hire) 
Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel II aka Photon aka Pulsar) 
M'shulla (Killraven's Freemen) 
Night Thrasher (New Warriors) 
N'Kantu, the Living Mummy 
Numinus (cosmic embodiment of the wonders of the universe, Power Pack) 
Pathway (Laura Dean, sister of Goblyn Dean, ally of Alpha Flight) 
Phastos (Eternals) 
Prodigy II (David Alleyne) (New X-Men: Academy X) 

Reno Jones (one of the Gunhawks) 
Rocket Racer (a villain turned hero) 
Shard, of X-Factor 
Shola Inkosi 
Sister Voodoo (Vanna Black, actress hired by Brother Voodoo, from Marvel Age Annual #3) 
Splice (Young Gods) 
Sprocket (pilot and mechanic, employer of Night Thrasher) 
Sunspot (X-Men) 
Tag (member of the New X-Men) 
Triathlon (Avengers) 
Venus (cloned from the DNA of Goliath and Elisa Maza, Gargoyles comic series) 
Venus Dee Milo 
Vibrania (Ally of Speedball) 
Vibraxis, of Fantastic Force 
Voodo Chile (child actor hired by Brother Voodoo, from Marvel Age Annual #3) 
War Machine 
Wes Cassady, a construction worker who was bitten by a radioactive rabbit. 
Wildstreak (Fantastic Four ally) 
Windshear (Alpha Flight) 

Epic Comics

Black Eagle (Wild Cards) 
Captain Confederacy II (Captain Confederacy) 
Fortunato (Wild Cards) 
Harlem Hammer (Wild Cards) 
Spirit of the People (Captain Confederacy) 

Icon Comics

Benmarley (former member of FG3, Powers) (dead) 
Boogie Girl (former member of FG3, Powers) (dead) 
Teague (renegade hero, Powers) (dead) 
Unnamed Amazon (member of the Golden Ones, Powers) 
Wazz (former member of FG3, Powers) 

Malibu (Ultraverse)

Aura (Protectors) 
D.J. Blast (The Squad) 
Yrial (Strangers) 
Zip Zap (Strangers) 

Marvel UK

Afrikaa (Afrikaa Ngala, superhuman ally of Black Panther) 
Doctor Crocodile (ally of Captain Britain) 
Green Knight (Knights of Pendragon) 
Shift (Code Name: GENETIX) 
Howitzer (Gene Dogs) 


Coal Tiger 
Earth Sentry 

"Fred", Stark�s bodyguard (Jim Rhodes) 

New Universe
Brick Wall (Beauford Wohl) 
Dasher (Dallas Corbin) 
Friction (Charlotte Beck) 
Mutator (George Mullaney, revealed as black in the final issue) 
Theresa Roberts (Spitfire and the Troubleshooters) 
Think Tank (Spitfire and the Trouble Shooters) 
Tyrone Jessup 
Strikeforce Morituri

Jelene Anderson (Adept) (Strikeforce: Morituri) 

Supreme Power

Blue Eagle 

Ultimate Marvel

Ben Reilly 
Luke Cage 
Misty Knight 
Nick Fury 
Sam Wilson 

Small Press
Continuity Comics (Comico)

Cyclone (member of the Hybrids) 
Knighthawk (Scott Pike) 

Dark Horse Comics

Counterstrike (Comics Greatest World) 
The First Slayer (Fray) 
Nikki Wood (Tales of the Slayers) 
Plexus (An ally of Nexus from Nexus: Executioner's Song #3)[1] 
Wolf Ferrell (Wolf Gang, Comics Greatest World) 
Renee (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight) 

Dell Comics

Lobo (cowboy, two issue run) 


Black Ice (Bobby Blaque, Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink) 

Eclipse Comics

Crackshot (Lee Alexander Clayton, from the Liberty Project and Teenagents) 
The Firedrake (Miracleman) 
Polestar (acrobatic female member of the New Wave) 
Roboto (cyborg member of Team Youngblood from The DNAgents universe) 
Sabre (one of the first graphic novels) 
Simon Ashley (a member of James D. Hudnall's ESPERS) 
Strike (Dennis Foreman, inherited power harness from Sgt. Strike) 
Terrayne (Harry Robinson from the Futurians) 

First Comics

Alis Krafe (member of Meta 4) 


Cleve (Ohio, New Statesmen) 
Meridian (Mississippi, New Statesmen) 

The Guardian Line UMI

Code (Spirit styled vigilante) 
Joe (from Joe & Max) 
Genesis 5 (two unknown members) 

Image Comics

American Pi (supersmart heroine, Common Grounds) 
Black Samson 

Chapel (Youngblood) 
Kittycat (member of the Liberty Balance, Common Grounds) 
Mach Master (member of the Liberty Balance, Common Grounds) 
Sentinel (Youngblood) 
Shadowhawk I 


Unknown Black Male (Group Larue) 

Kitchen Sink

Miss (Megaton Man) 
Silver-Age (Megaton Man) 

Lone Star Press

Midas (Bill Willingham's Pantheon) 
Tangaroa (Bill Willingham's Pantheon) 

Pacific Comics

Urth (member of Earth 4 from Ms. Mystic)

Valiant Comics



Apus (New Zealander, Southern Tribe, Corbeau Comics, 1995) 
Blindspot (Tribe) by Johnson & Stroman 
Blackman (Leader Comics Group)[3] 
Black Power Man (from the Brazilian comic series Os Territorianos / The Territorials) 
Brotherman (Big City Comics) 
Captain Africa (sold near Hampton University) 
Captain Gravity [4][5] 
Chocolate Thunder (Gettosake Entertainment) 
Fierce (Gettosake Entertainment) 
Illegal Immigrant Man 
Jalila (Egyptian) 
Karnak (Numidian Force) 
Kiddy Phenil, Aboriginal Australian cyborg of Silent M�bius (Manga, Kadokawa Shoten/VIZ Media) 
Lion Man (All-Negro Comics) 
Little Miss Strange (Creative One Comics)[6] 
Night Krew (Creative One Comics)[7] 
Omega Man (Omega 7 Comics)[8] 
Original Boy (Omega 7 Comics) 
Original Man (Omega 7 Comics) 
Original Woman (Omega 7 Comics) 
Rosalyn (Tribe) by Johnson & Stroman 
Shift (Tribe) by Johnson & Stroman 
White Raven (Empath, ability to fly)[9] 

Black Newspapers

Bungleton Green (time traveling adventurer) 
Chisolm Kid (cowboy) 
Don Powers (clean cut pro-athlete) 
Guy Fortune (globe travelling adventurer) 
Jive Gray (air cargo pilot and adventurer) 
Mark Hunt (private eye) 
Mystic Commandos (allies of Bungleton Green) 
Neil Knight (astronaut and adventurer) 
Sergeant Joe (rough and tumble soldier) 
Speed Jaxon (soldier of fortune) 

Novels & Anthologies

Black Eagle (Wild Cards) 
Cassie, of the Animorphs book series. 
Fortunato (Wild Cards) 
Harlem Hammer (Wild Cards) 


Black Puma (Slightly Warped) 
Chocolate Thunder (Gettosake Entertainment)[10] 
Eleggua ([11] 
Fearless Grasshopper (Gettosake Entertainment) 
Fierce (Gettosake Entertainment) 
Nanoman (Gettosake Entertainment) 
Neters (Daathrekh Publishing) 
Nightflyer (Slightly Warped) 
Venus Kincaid (Gettosake Entertainment) 


Action Hank (Dexter's Laboratory) 
Anansi the Spider (hero of Nigeria, from Static Shock) 
Black Ranger (Zack Taylor) (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) 
Black Vulcan (Superfriends) 
Brown Hornet (from Fat Albert TV show) 
Bumblebee (Teen Titans TV) 
Capital G (Justice Friends) 
Cassie (of Animorphs) 
Cyborg (Teen Titans TV) 
Delilah (of Gargoyles) 
Diana (from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon) 
Doc (Walter Hartford from Galaxy Rangers) 
Elisa Maza (police detective ally of the Gargoyles) 
The First Slayer (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 
Heavy Duty (from (G.I. Joe) 
Hondo MacLean (from M.A.S.K.) 
JD Bennett (Bionic Six) 
Green Lantern (John Stewart) 
Gunn (an urban Vampire hunter from Angel)
Hammerman (Saturday morning cartoon) 
D.L. Hawkins (of Heroes) 
Johnathan James Junior (from Thunderbirds 2086) 
Juice (Justice League Unlimited) 
Kendra (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 
Kiddy Phenil, aboriginal Australian cyborg of the anime series Silent M�bius. 
Kwame (Planeteer from Ghana, Captain Planet) 
LJ (Lothar Junior) from (Defenders of the Earth) 
Lothar from (Defenders of the Earth) 
M.A.N.T.I.S. (Fox TV show) 
Max Jones a Zone Rider from (Spiral Zone)[12] 
Micro Woman (Tarzan and the Super 7) 
Micron (Batman Beyond) 
Mister T (animated series ) 
Misty Magic (Hero High part of the Kid Superpower Hour with Shazam!) 
Moleculad (from Hanna-Barbera's Teen Force cartoon, a segment of Space Stars) 
Morgan (Rockne Tarkington, co-star of Danger Island) 
Nikki Wood (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Numbuh Five (from Kids Next Door) 
Rickety Rocket Crew (Cosmo, Splashdown, Sunstroke, Venus) 
Roadblock (from G.I. Joe) 
Robin Wood (Buffyverse from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Rona (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Micah Sanders (of Heroes) 
Scout (Sgt. Robert Baker from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future) 
Silver Sentry (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 
Spyke (X-Men Evolution) 
Stalker (from (G.I. Joe) 
Static Shock (animated) 
Super Stretch (Tarzan and the Super 7) 
Talon (Derek Maza) from Gargoyles 
Teal'c (Jaffa member of Stargate SG-1) 
The Super Globetrotters 
Valerie Brown (from Josie and the Pussycats) 
Winston Zeddmore (from the The Real Ghostbusters) 


Blade (from Blade I - III) 
Blankman (movie character) 
Catwoman (played by Halle Berry) 
Frozone (from the The Incredibles)
Gail (in the Sin City movie portrayed by Rosario Dawson) 
Kiddy Phenil (aboriginal Australian cyborg of the anime film Silent M�bius) 
Invisible Boy (from Mystery Men) 
Mace Windu (from the Star Wars prequel trilogy) 
Meteor Man 
Morpheus (from The Matrix) 
Niobe (from The Matrix) 
Oracle (from The Matrix) 
Storm (played by Halle Berry)



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