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Abasi Male Stern.
Abubakar Male Noble.
Acenath Female Daughter. Biblical: Joseph's Egyptian wife.
Akhenaten Male Devoted to Aten.
Akiiki Male Friendly.
Akila Female Intelligent.
Akins Male Brave.
Amenhotep Male Name of a pharaoh.
Amenophis Male Name of a pharaoh.
Ammon Male The hidden.
Amsi Male Personification of reproduction.
Amsu Male Personification of reproduction.
Amun Male God of mystery.
Amunet Female Mythical Goddess of mystery.
Anat Female A wife of Seth.
Anhuri Male The God Onouris
Anippe Female Daughter of the Nile.
Anpu Male God of the dead.
Anubis Male God of the dead.
Anzety Male God of Busiris.
Apis Male Mythical dead bull thought to be Osiris.
Ashai Male Abundant.
Asim Male Protector
Astarte Female A wife of Seth.
Astennu Male God of the moon.
Atemu Male Mythical great God of Annu.
Aten Male Sun disk.
Atsu Male Twin.
Atum Male Whole.
Ausar Male Another name for Osiris.
Auset Female Another name for Isis.
Azibo Male Earth.
  Babu Male Osiris's firstborn.
  Badru Male Born during the full moon.
  Bahiti Female Fortune.
  Bakare Male Name of a pharaoh.
  Bakari Male Noble oath.
  Baki Male Place; region.
  Baniti Male Teacher.
  Baraka Male Gift; blessing.
  Baruti Male Teacher.
  Bastet Female Eat; Name of a cat God.
  Beb Male Osiris's firstborn.
  Bebti Male Osiris's firstborn.
  Behdeti Male Lord of Heaven
  Bennu Female Eagle.
  Bes Male Brings joy.
Chafulumisa Male Fast.
Chaths Male Ends.
Chatuluka Male Departs.
Chenzira Male Born during a journey.
Cheops Male Name of a pharaoh.
Chibale Male Kinsman.
Chigaru Male Hound.
Chike Male Power of God.
Chione Female Mythical daughter of the Nile.
Chisisi Male Secret.
Cleopatra Female A Queen of Egypt.
Dakarai Male Happy.
Darwishi Male Saint.
Dendera Female From Dendera.
Djoser Male Name of a pharaoh.
Donkor Male Humble.
  Ebonee Female Black.
  Eboni Female Black.
  Ebonique Female Black.
  Echidna Female Mythical monster.
  Edfu Male From Edfu.
  Edjo Female Another form of Uadjit.
  Eshe Female Life.
  Femi Female Love.
  Fenuku Male Born late.
  Fukayna Female Intelligent.
  Funsani Male A request.
  Gahiji Male Hunter.
  Garai Male Settled.
  Geb Male Mythical earth God.
  Gyasi Male Wonderful.
Habibah Female Loved.
Hafsah Female Married to the prophet.
Haji Male Born during the pilgrimage.
Hakizimana Male God saves.
Hamadi Male Praised.
Hanbal Male Pristine.
Hanif Male Believes.
Hapi Male A God of the Nile.
Hapu Male Name of a pharaoh.
Haqikah Female Honest.
Harakhty Male Disguise of Horus.
Hasina Female Good.
Hathor Female Sakmet. Goddess of destruction.
Hatshepsut Female Name of a queen.
Heh Male God of the immeasurable.
Hehet Female Goddess of the immeasurable.
Heqet Female Mythical frog headed Goddess.
Heru Male Sun God.
Hondo Male War.
Horemheb Male Name of a pharaoh.
Hori Male Name of a pharaoh.
Horus Male Falcon God.
Hu Male A nature God.
Husani Male Handsome.
Idogbe Male Brother of twins.
Ife Female Love.
Ini-herit Male He who brings back the distant one.
Ishaq Male Laughs.
Isis Female Supreme Goddess; Goddess of Magic.
Issa Male God saves.
  Jafari Male Creek.
  Jahi Male Dignified.
  Jamila Female Beauty.
  Jibade Male Related to royalty.
  Kafele Male Would die for.
  Kakra Female A twin.
  Kamose Male Name of a pharaoh.
  Kamuzu Male Medical.
  Kanika Female Black.
  Kaphiri Male Hill.
  Kashta Male Name of a pharaoh.
  Kasiya Male Departs.
  Kazemde Male Ambassador.
  Kek Male God of darkness.
  Keket Female Mythical Goddess of darkness.
  Kemosiri Male Black.
  Kemsa Male Black male (an Egyptian)
  Kesi Female Myth name of the Goddess of darkness
  Khaba Male Name of a pharaoh.
  Khafra Male Name of a pharaoh.
  Khalfani Male Shall rule.
  Khentimentiu Male Mythical God of the dead's destiny.
  Khepri Female Morning sun.
  Khnemu Male To model.
  Khnurn Male Mythical reborn sun.
  Khons Male God of the moon.
  Khufu Male Name of a pharaoh.
  Khui Male Name of a pharaoh.
  Kontar Male Only son.
  Lapis Female Named for the lapis stone.
  Lateef Male Gentle.
  Layla Female Born at night.
  Lisimba Male Lion.
  Lukman Male A prophet.
  Luzige Male Locust.
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