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Beowulf's dragon

An unnamed dragon in the epic tale of Beowulf. This creature is said to vomit fire and reach 50 feet in length (measured after death).
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Last of the living dragons in the movie Dragonheart. He had given away a part of his heart so that the prince (just a teenager), could live. The prince unfortunately, followed his father's bad behavior and was a terrible ruler, abusing all of his subjects. To Draco's disadvantage, the only way to kill the prince (now king) was to kill Draco for their hearts beat as one. There is a constellation of Draco in the northern sky. For more information on Draco check out
The Mythology of Constellations: Draco.
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A black and white dragon who's shy and can be lead by anyone. In the movie Dragonheart: A New Beginning, he saves the world from the evil dragon GRIFFIN, who is reborn with the Dynasty's amulet that contains his heart. Drake is a friendly dragon, who is willing to try anything he gets pushed to. SPECIAL NOTE: Contributed by ThunderbirdaliL.
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Eight-Headed dragon

On one of many travels, the hero Susano (or Susa-no-wo) traveled through the Izumo province of Japan. He ran across a couple weeping and asked what was wrong. Their reply was that their daughter was to be a sacrifice to a dragon with eight tails, eight heads, and glowing red eyes. It was so large that it filled an entire valley. Naturally Susano offered to rescue the daughter (named Kushinada) if she would marry him. She agreed and together they tricked the dragon. They made him fall asleep and Susano cut the dragon into pieces.
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A dragon that began life as a giant. In his youth he killed his father to gain his father's treasures. Then, through magical means, Fafnir transformed himself into a dragon so that he could better guard the new, ill-gotten treasures. As Fafnir grew older he became more vicious and began terrorizing vast areas of Scandinavia. Finally the Norse hero Siegfried arrived. He dug a pit along the path that Fafnir used when he went to get a drink. Siegfried climbed down into the pit and waited with his sword for Fafnir. When Fafnir paused over the pit Siegfried thrust his weapon into Fafnir, knocking him down so that Siegfried could dispense the fatal blow.
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Also known by the name fu-ts'ang lung, this Chinese dragon is a guardian of treasures such as jewels and metals. It keeps secret hoards deep within the Earth.
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An evil dragon who is killed by the Dynasty for the East's safety. That was a big mistake. All the innocent dragons are killed as well. His soul gets inserted into the form which he hates most; HUMAN. Griffin pledges in and becomes the King's Chief Advisor. He gives the king a tonic which makes him stupid so that Griffin can rule the land. Griffin is later killed in his dragon form (he got to his dragon form by having the princess of the Dynasty throw it into the fire, and he kicked it into the water and retrieved it) by Drake using ice to shatter him. SPECIAL NOTE: Contributed by ThunderbirdaliL.
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A child of the Greek Typhon and Echidna. The Hydra has a long snake-like body with an innumerable amount of heads. Each time Herakles (Hercules-Roman counterpart)cut off one of the Hydra's heads, two more would grow back in it's place. Finally, Herakles (Hercules) tried (actually his nephew, Iolaus did) burning the stump after he had cut off a head. This stopped the growth of two more heads but not even Herakles (Hercules) could destroy the main head of the Hydra so he trapped the monster in a cave and places an immense, immovable boulder before it.
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Jawzahr is the Islamic dragon thought to be responsible for comets and eclipses.
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Also known as Jormungander, he is the famous serpent in Norse Mythology. Jormunand encircles the entire world of Midgard (realm of the humans), creating oceans and holding land together. He lies at the bottom of the sea. On the day of Ragnarok (like Judgement Day), Jormunand is supposed to join forces with the enemies of the gods to destroy Asgard (realm of the gods) and Midgard.
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Krak's Dragon

Sometime near the year 700 (ad) the legendary Polish hero, Krak, was at the peak of his fame. His wanderings lead him to the town of Wavel where the inhabitants were terrorized by a gigantic, malignant, birdlike dragon with huge purple wings. Krak destroyed the dragon by giving it a sheepskin full of saltpeter which caused him to drink water until he burst into tiny pieces.
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Laidly Worm

A young princess (Margaret) was turned to a hideous serpent by her evil stepmother. The Laidly Worm was banished from the castle and wreaked havoc on a crag (Heugh of Spindleton). She devoured everything she came across. When Childe Wynd discovered that his kingdom was being terrorized by a dragon, he set out to destroy it. When he finally approached the Laidly Worm she spoke to him and told him to kiss her three times for that would break the spell. Childe Wynd recognized his sisters voice and kissed her three times, releasing Margaret from the spell.
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A serpent-dragon so large that its coils encircle the Earth. Leviathan holds his tail in his mouth to keep the world from falling apart. The coils of this huge beast are multi-colored and so bright that they outshine the sun. Leviathan is armed with huge, terrible teeth, and scales. This biblical creatures nemesis is Behemoth despite their being created together when the universe was forming.
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Also referred to as Nidhogg. This dragon gnaws at the root to Niflheim (hell) of the Yggdrasil tree. The Yggdrasil is a great ash tree in Norse Mythology said to hold the world together. It is for this action that Nidhung is known as "the dread biter"
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A Japanese dragon able to live in the air, on land or in the water. Ryu is considered one of the four sacred creatures of Orient and symbolizes storms and rain.
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Also known by the name Mushussu, Sirrush is the Babylonian dragon of chaos. This creature has the front feet of a cat, claws of a bird for hind feet, as well as a serpent-like body, and scaly head. There is a figure of Sirrush on the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, which Cryptozoologists believe is a representation of living dinosaurs.
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The mightiest in power of the eight orders of Chinese Dragonhood. The Shen-Lung's realm is the sea, sky, sun, moon and all of earth's soil. Good and bad weather are under the Shen-Lung's control. The Shen-Lung is very powerful thus lazy. To avoid work of any kind a Shen-Lung need only shrink to the size of a mouse and hide. If lightning strikes a house or trees that is because the Thunder God sent his servants to search for the lazy Shen-Lung. Together with Ti Lung, they make up Wang Lung. Shen-Lung is the Chinese New Year Good Luck Dragon that appears in festivals and parades in a vast assortment of colors.
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A remarkably old dragon who lived in a gigantic cavern in the middle of the Lonely Mountains in J.R.R. Tolkin's The Hobbit. Smaug would lie for days in his cave, sprawled all over his great piles of treasures, seemingly asleep but for one slightly open eye (to watch for intruders). When angry he would fly out of his lair and destroy anything that crossed his path. A mighty archer, Bard, brought Smaug to his end by plunging an arrow into the only spot without a scale on his underside.
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During the middle years of the Dark Ages near the town of Tarscon on the banks of the Rh�ne lived the Tarasque. It was a lumbering apelike crature with a frighting feline head, huge fangs, four bear paws, a hard, dense colorful pelt and the tail of a viper (type of snake). One day the creature left its cave and, in the middle of devouring a hapless peasant, Saint Martha appeared. Acting simply and without fear she sprinkled holy water on the Tarasque, rendering it harmless. However, the townspeople still destroyed Tarasque, despite its changed behavior.
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In Babylonian Legends of earth's beginning there were no lands, gods or people, just Apsu and Tiamat. Apsu was the spirit of fresh water, older, and more beautifully formed than Tiamat. Tiamat was the spirit of salt water, chaos and she had a splotchy bovine body whit eagle wings and the head of an ox. Apsu and Tiamat had many offspring and these became the first gods. However, Apsu grew displeased with the children because they disturbed the peace and quiet that ruled the universe so he set out to destroy them. Tiamat did not want him to kill their children and begged for him not to do so. One of their children heard this and killed Apsu, angering Tiamat and she spawned a brood of fearsome creatures (giant serpents, lion-dragons, roaring dragons, scorpion-men). Marduk, one of her godchildren, and Tiamat, plus her new creatures, met in combat. Marduk slew Tiamat with his fork of lightning after capturing her in his net.
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The Earth Dragon in Chinese myths. The Ti-Lung can control rivers, and water on the Earth. It spends springtime in heaven and autumn in the sea.
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This Chinese dragon is the Celestial Dragon. He protects the places of the Gods.
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Ti-Lung and Shen-Lung, two Chinese dragons, together make up Wang-Lung, a water deity.
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A Natural History of Dragons and Unicorns - interesting book Dragons: A Natural History - interesting and informative

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Natural History of the Unnatural World - London's Cryptozoological Society Dancing With Dragons Dragon Tarot Dragonheart - good movie Dragonheart: A New Beginning - sequel to Dragonheart
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