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Japanese Gods and Goddesses

Japanese Gods:

Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone - god of thunder
Amatsu Mikaboshi - god of evil
Bishamon - god of happiness and war
Chimata-No-Kami - god of crossroads, highways and footpaths
Hiruko - solar god
Ho-Masubi - god of fire
Inari - god of rice (foxes are his messangers)
Izanagi - creator god
Kagu-Zuchi - god of fire
Kawa-no-Kami - god of rivers
Kura-Okami - god of rain
Nai-No-Kami - god of earthquakes
O-Kuni-Nushi - god of sorcery and medicine
O-Wata-Tsu-Mi - god of the sea
Susa-No-Wo - god of storms and thunder, snakes and farming.
Shina-Tsu-Hiko - god of wind
Taka-Okami - god of rain
Take-Mikazuchi - god of thunder
Tsuki-Yomi - god of the moon

Japanese Goddesses:

Ama-No-Uzume - fertility goddess
Amaterasu - sun goddess
Benzaiten - goddess of love
Izanami - creator goddess
Shina-To-Be - goddess of wind
Sengen-Sama - goddess of the sacred mountain Fujiyama
Uke-Mochi-No-Kami - goddess of food
Wakahiru-Me - goddess of the dawn sun







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