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Muslim Female Names

Muslim Female Names

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  (T) Turkish origin   (P) Persian/Iranian origin  The rest are of Arabic origin 
  Female Name Meaning
A Aaliya High, tall, towering, excellent
  Aamira Prosperous, full of life
  Aarifa Learned, expert, authority
  Afrin (P) Praise, lucky
  Afroza (P) Burning, polishing
  Afsana (P) Fable, fiction, romance
  Alisha Protected by God
  Amani Wish, aspiration, trust
  Ambarin Perfumed
  Ameena Trustworthy, faithful
  Anjum Star
  Arshiya Divine
  Asma Daughter of Abu- Bakr
  Ayesha Name of Prophet Mohammad's  wife
  Aziman Sky, heaven
  Azimoon (P) Comes from the Persian word Aseeman meaning heaven, sky
  Arzu (P) Wish, hope, love
  Aziza Friend, dear, honourable, noble, illustrious
  Azra (P) Adoring
B Barkha Rain, blessings
  Basheera Bringer of good tidings
  Begum (T) Honorific title, Queen, Lady of rank
  Benazir (P) Incomparable
  Bibi (P) Lady, Persian title for lady of the house
  Bulbul (P) Nightingale
  Bushra (A) Good news, glad tidings
C CALA  Castle
  CALIANA A Moorish Princess for whom a splendid palace was built in Spain
  CHAAND Variant of Chand: The moon
  CHAND The moon
D Darya (P) Sea
  Deeba (P) Silk
  Dilbar (P) Holder of the heart
  Dilkash (P) Charming, sweetheart, heart-ravisher
  Dilruba (A) Heart-ravishing, a beloved object
  Dilshad (P) A happy heart, happy, glad
E EBRA  Needle
  EIASHIA Woman, life, alive. Prophet Mohammed's youngest wife
F Faiza Gain
  Farah Happiness
  Farahnaz (P) Joy
  Farida (A) Unique, matchless
  Farzana (P) Wise, learned
  Fatima Name of Prophet Mohammad's  daughter
  Fauzia Successful
  Fazila Virtuous, honest, excellent
  Firuza (P) Turquoise, bright greenish-blue colour
G Ghazala Deer
  Gul (P) Flower
  Gulshan (P) Rose garden
  Gulzar (P) Rose garden
H Habeeba Lover, friend
  Hafeeza Protector
  Halima Patient, tolerant
  Hana (A) Happiness, bliss
  Haseena Beautiful
  Henna (P) Mehendi
  Husna Beautiful
  Inayat Kindness
  IBA Pride, disdain
  Ismat Pure, chastity
  I'TIDAL Means temperance, moderation in Arabic
J Jahanara (P) Queen of the Universe
  Jamila Beautiful, pretty
K Khadija The first wife of the Mohammad
  Khanum (P) Princess, noble women
  Khatun (P) Noblewomen, lady. courteous title 
  Kulsum (A) Full of flesh about the face and cheeks.
L Latafat  Variety
  Leila Night
  Lubna A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume & medicine
M Mahjabeen (P) Moon like, beautiful
  Mahnaz/Mehnaz (P) The moon’s glory
  Maimun/Maimoon Auspicious, prosperous, lucky
  Maliha Beautiful, pretty, good-looking
  Malika Queen
  Marjaan (P) Small pearls
  Maryam Mother of Jesus
  Mehar Kindness, dowry
  Meharunnisa (P) Kind
  Mehbooba (P) Lover
  Mehrnaz (P) Glory of love
  Misam Impression, mark, beauty, beautiful women
  Moshgan (P) Eyelashes
  Mumina Believer in Islam, pious
  Mumtaz Distinguished, Superior
N Naaz (P)  Glory, elegance, young, pride
  Nadia Fem. of Nadir; moist, damp, tender
  Nadira Rare, not easily accessible
  Nafisa Precious, Gem, a great granddaughter of Ali.
  Nageena (P) Diamond
  Nahida (P) Venus
  Naima Happiness, peaceful, bliss
  Najma Star
  Nargis (P) Narcissus
  Nasrin/Nasreen (P) A wild rose
  Nazanin (P) Sweetheart
  Nazgul/Nazmoon (P) Beautiful flower
  Nazia (P) Optimistic and full of hope
  Nazima (P) Poetess
  Nazma Star
  Nazrana (P) Bloom, Beauty
  Niloufar (T) Blue lotus
  Noorjahan (P) Light of the world
  Noushin (P) Sweet, palatable
  Nusrat  Victory
O OADIRA  Powerful, potent
  OAISARA Empress, wife of Caesar 
  OAMRA  The moon
  OUDSIYYA  Glorious, holy
P PARIHAN  A fairy
  PARVEEN  Variant of Parvin: Pleiades. Cluster of stars
  Parvin (P) Means the Pleiades in Persian. Cluster of stars
R Rabia Famous, divine
  Raisa Leader, superior
  Rashida Rightly guided, right minded
  Raushana (P) Light, splendour
  Raushan Ara (P) Adoring light
  Razia Satisfied, contended; Delhi Suntana (1236-40)
  Rehana A handful of sweet basil
  Rubeina Bright
  Ruksana (P) Beautiful, name of an Iranian princess.
S Sadika Truthful
  Safiya Virtuous lady
  Sakeena Friend
  Salena Moon
  Salima Happy, peaceful
  Sanam Idol
  Sanaz (T) A flower
  Sara (A) Sarah, also pure, excellent
  Shabnam (P) Dew
  Shahla (P) A dark-eyed woman
  Shahnaz (P) The king’s favourite love
  Shahrazad (P) The town’s loved/favourite one
  Shaliza (P) Of rice field
  Shalizar (P) Rice field
  Sayeeda Auspicious, leader
  Shabab Youth
  Shabana (P) Wife of the Shah (King), Queen
  Shabnam (P) Dew drops
  Shagufta (P) Blooming
  Shaheen (P) Soft, gentle
  Shakeela Beautiful
  Shakira Thankful
  Shalimar (P) Adode of Love
  Shama Lamp
  Shamina Beautiful
  Shamshad (P) Tall and upright tree, graceful figure
  Shirin/Shireen (P) Sweet, Pleasant, gentle, delicate
  Suhaila: Moon light
  Suraiya/Soraya (P) Name of a constellation, beautiful
T Taslima Salute, congratulation
  TAAHIRA Variant of Tahirah: Pure. Chaste
  TAAIR Bird
  TAAJ Crown
  TAALIB Candidate, student
  TAAMIR One who knows dates
  TAARIQ Nightcomer. Morning star
U UDAYSAH A narrator of Hadith
  ULFAH Affection, intimacy
  ULIMA Wise
  UMAYNAH A narrator of Hadith
  UMM HANI Historical name
  UNAYSAH Friendly, affable
V VAFI Complete, just
  VAFIA Complete, just
  VARDA Rose
  VEGA Falling
W WAAMIQ Loving, friendly
  WAATHIQ Confident, strong
  WABIBA Giver, donor
  WADAD Affection, love
  Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith
  WAFIYA Loyal, faithful
  Waheeda Beautiful
Y YA-BINT-AL-HAWA Daughter of the wind
  YABISSA Dry one
  YAFIA High, lofty
  YAKOOTAH Emerald
  Yasmeen Jasmine flower
Z Zahira Expression
  Zarin (P) Golden
  Zarina (P) Golden vessel, Queen
  Zeba (P) Ornament, beautiful
  Zeb-un-Nisa (P) Ornament of women, daughter of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb
  Zeenat Honour
  Zenia Name of a flower
  Zohra A planet Venus
  Zubaida Marigold
  Zulekha Beautiful

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