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This is a list of people known widely by a stage name or pseudonym consisting of a single word.

The list does not include the many famous people who are commonly referred to by their last name (e.g. Mozart, Shakespeare, Hitler, etc). It is quite common and regular for last names to be used to identify historic and pop culture figures.

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Aaliyah (Haughton), (1979-2001), American R&B singer 
Abigail, Australian television actress 
Adrock, US member the Beastie Boys 
AI (1981-) Japanese-American singer 
Alaska, (1963-) Spanish singer 
Aliz�e, (born 1984), French singer 
Ambrose (1896-1971), English bandleader 
Anastacia (Newkirk) 
Angelyne, Hollywood and Los Angeles icon 
Annabella (1909-1996), French film actress 
Annabella (born 1965), British singer 
Arletty, (1898-1992), French model and actress 
Ashanti, American singer 


Babyface (born 1958), African American music producer and singer 
Bada, Korean singer 
Barbara (1930-1997), French singer 
Barnsey, Australian singer 
Basia, (born 1954), Polish singer 
Bebeto, Brazilian Football player 
Beck (Hansen), musician 
Berio (born 1981), Brazilian-Italian Film Director, Poet, Music Producer 
Beyonc�, singer, formerly known as Beyonc� Knowles 
Bez - dancer for the Happy Mondays 
Billie, (born 1982), British singer and actress 
Biswadip, Noted Radio presenter of India and Activist 
Bird, (1920-1955), jazz musician 
Bix, (1903-1931) jazz musician 
Bizcocho, Puerto Rican actor and comedian 
Bj�rk, singer 
BoA, (1986-) Korean pop singer 
Bongo, Bongo the Clown (1957-) US Artist, Sculptor, Clown
Bono, (born 1960), lead singer of Irish rock band U2 
Bootsy (Collins), (born 1951), American funk musician 
Bourvil (1917-1970), French actor 
Brandy, African-American singer and actress 
Brassa� (1899�1984), Parisian photographer 
Buckethead, American musician 
Buju, (born 1973), Jamaican singer 
Butterbean, boxer 


Cam'ron (Cameron Giles) - American rapper 
Campino, lead singer of German punk rock band Die Toten Hosen 
Cappadonna - rapper 
Caprice - model 
Capucine (1931-1990), European actress 
Capulina, Mexican comedy actor 
Ceca b. 1973, Serbian folk singer 
Cepillin, Mexican television clown 
Charo, (born 1942), singer, dancer, comedian, actress & classical guitar player 
Charytin (born c. 1950), singer and actress 
Chayanne, Puerto Rican singer 
Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPi�re), (born 1946), American singer
Chespirito (born 1929), writer, actor, comedian, and songwriter 
Chilli (Rozonda Thomas), singer (TLC) 
Christo (born 1935), Bulgarian-born American environmental artist 
Ciara (born 1985), African-American singer 
Cicciolina, (born 1951), radical left-wing politician and former porn star 
Colette (1873-1954) French novelist 
Coluche (1944-1986), French comedian 
Coolio, rapper 
Cosima, (born 1976), Australian singer 
Cristina (born 1948), journalist, talk show host and actress


Dalbello (born 1958), Canadian singer/songwriter 
Dalida (1933-1987), Egyptian/French singer 
Damia (1889-1978), French singer 
Dana - singer 
D'Angelo (born 1974), American nu soul singer 
Denilson, Brazilian footballer 
Deodato, Brazilian jazz musician 
Des'ree (Weeks) (born c. 1969), British singer 
Dido (born 1971), British singer 
Dion (born 1939), American rocker 
Divine, (1945-1988), noted transvestite, appeared in films by John Waters 
Donovan, (born 1946), British singer 
Dugazon, (1746-1809), French actor 


The Edge, Guitarist for U2 
Elle, Australian International supermodel
Elvira, American horror actress 
El Topo, Puerto Rican singer 
Eminem, American rapper 
Emmanuel, Mexican singer 
Emme, supermodel 
Enya, (born 1961), Irish New Age musician 
Eugene, (WWE) professional wrestling character 
Everlast, rapper and guitarist 


Fabian - teen idol 
Fabio - model 
Falco, (1957-1998), Austrian rock musician 
Fantasia - American Idol 
Fergie, Black Eyed Peas member 
Fernandel, (1903-1971), French actor 
Fieldy- bassist for American metal band Korn 
Fish, (born 1958), singer 
Flea - bassist for American funk band the Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Fuzz, former bass player of the band Disturbed 


Gackt, Japanese singer 
Gallagher, US comedian from double act Gallagher and Shean 
Gallagher, US comedian 
Georgious (1891-1970), French singer 
Geraldo, (born 1943), talk show host 
Gerardo, rapper 
Gauge, Adult film actress 
Gia, (1960-1986) US Fashion model 
Gisele, International Supermodel 
Giselle, Puerto Rican salsa singer 
Gribouille (1941-1968), French singer 
Grooverider, DJ 
Guru - American rapper 
Gurudutt, Indian film-maker


Hermeto (Pascoal), (born 1936), Brazilian musician 
Hide, (1964-1998), Japanese musician, lead guitarist of the band X Japan 
Hildegarde (1906-2005), American cabaret singer 
Hitomi, Japanese pop singer 
Hyde, (born 1969), Japanese musician, member of the band L'Arc-en-Ciel 
Hollywould, fashion designer 
Hondo, US basketball player. 
Hortencia, (born 1959) Brazilian basketball player 


Ichiro, Japanese baseball player 
Iman (born 1955), model, wife of David Bowie 


Jack�e (born 1956) - American actress 
Jandek - underground musician 
Jewel (Kilcher), (born 1974) - American singer 
Jin - Chinese American rap artist 
Jobriath (born 1946) - American rock singer 
Jo�lle (1953-1982)- American born French singer 
Josignacio (Painter)  - Contemporary Artist Creator of Plastic Paint Medium 
Jordan - model 
Juanes (born 1972) - Colombian rock singer-songwriter 


Kak�, Brazillian footballer 
Kamahl, Australian singer 
Karandash, Soviet clown 
Kelis (Rogers), American singer 
Ken, Japanese musician of L'Arc~en~Ciel 
Kenzo, Japanese fashion designer 
Kiki, (1901-1953), nightclub singer, actress, model, and painter 
Kitaro, (born 1953), Japanese New Age musician 
Klaha, Japanese singer 
Kool - singer 
Koyuki, (1976-) Japanese actress 
K�zi, Japanese musician of Malice Mizer fame 


Lalaine, actress born in 1987 
Leadbelly, (1885-1949), American blues musician 
Lekain, French actor 
Lemmy, (born 1945), English bass player 
Lennon, American rock musician 
Leon, (or "The Only Leon"),  female impersonator Francis Leon 
Liberace (1919-1987), Pianist in Las Vegas 
Limahl (born 1958), British singer 
Loriot, (born 1923) 
Ludacris, American rapper 
Lucero, Mexican singer, formerly known as Lucerito 
Lulu, (born 1948), Scottish singer 
Lunna, Puerto Rican singer 


Madonna, (born 1958), American pop star 
Mako, Prolific Japanese actor 
Mana, Japanese musician and Lolita fashion icon 
Mandisa, (born 1977), American Idol contestant 
Manny - (Ramirez) Dominican superstar baseball player 
Mantovani - Italian-British orchestra leader 
Mario - R&B singer 
Martika (born 1969), American singer 
Mase, (born 1978), American rapper 
Matrix, (born 1978), American basketball player 
Matthew, Japanese variety show host and comic
Melody, Spanish singer 
Melody, British singer 
Miyavi, (1981-) Japanese singer 
Mireille (1906-1996), French singer/songwriter 
Mistinguett, (1875-1956), French singer 
Mitsou, Quebec pop singer 
Moby, (born 1965), musician 
Moelona, Welsh novelist 
Momus, Scottish singer 
Morrissey - singer, formerly of the band The Smiths 
Mugihito, Japanese seiyuu 
Munky- guitarist for American metal band Korn 
Musidora (1889-1957), French actress 
Mya, singer 
Mystikal, (born 1975), American rapper


Nadar (1820�1910), French photographer 
Najee, smooth jazz musician 
Nas, (born 1973), American rapper 
Nelly, hip-hop artist 
Nena, German singer of "99 Red Balloons" 
Nen�, (born 1982), Brazilian NBA player 
Nico, (1938-1988), model and singer 
Nitty, American rap/hip-hop artist 
Noodles, guitarist for The Offspring 


Olivia, R&B singer 
Olivia, (1979-) Japanese-American pop singer 


Peja, (born 1977) small forward on the Sacramento Kings 
Pel�, (born 1940), Brazilian soccer star 
Penn, (born 1955), of stage magic duo Penn and Teller 
Peter, Japanese transvestite and actor, starred in Akira Kurosawa's Ran 
Phranc, American singer songwriter 
P!nk, (born 1979), American singer songwriter 
Pitof, French film director 
Posh, British singer (Spice Girls) and wife of David Beckham 
Pras, (born 1972), American rapper, member of The Fugees 
Prince, (born 1958), American soul musician 


Rahzel, American hip-hop artist, member of The Roots 
Ra�l (born 1977), Spanish football player 
Raven, actress, singer, and former model born in 1985 
Romanthony, American musician 
Romario, footballer 
Ronaldinho, footballer 
Roseanne - American actress and comedian 
Run, US member of Run DMC 
RuPaul, (born 1960), American drag queen and talk show host 
Ruslana, (born 1973), Ukrainian singer 


Sabrina, American actress 
Sade, British singer 
Sakura, Japanese drummer; formerly of the band L'Arc~en~Ciel 
Samy, famous TV hair-dresser 
Savannah, (1970-1994), American pornographic actress 
Scribe, New Zealand rapper 
Seal, (born 1963), British R&B singer 
Seka, (born 1954), Porn star 
Seth, Comic book writer and artist 
Selena, (1971-1995), singer 
Shagrath, vocalist for Dimmu Borgir 
Shakira, singer 
Shcheck, one of founders of Kiev 
Shoo, a Korean singer and actress 
Sinbad, American actor, comedian (born 1956). 
Sissi, model 
Skin, British singer 
Slash, guitarist formerly of Guns N' Roses and currently Velvet Revolver 
Snakefinger (1949-1987), musician 
Snoop (Dogg), West-Coast rapper, AKA Calvin Broadus 
Sonique, British DJ / singer 
Squarepusher, electronic musician 
Stelarc, performance artist 
Stendhal, (1783-1842), pen-name of the novelist Marie-Henri Beyle 
Sting, (born 1951), British musician, formerly of The Police 


Taco, Dutch singer ("Puttin' on the Ritz") 
Takaloo, world ranked boxer 
Takanohana, sumo wrestler 
Tarako (born 1960), Japan voice actress (seiyu) 
Tarkan (born 1972), Turkish singer 
Tatiana (born 1968), Mexican singer 
Tatu, indoor soccer player 
Teller (born 1948), of Penn and Teller 
Tetsu, Japanese musician of L'Arc~en~Ciel 
Tiffany (born 1971), American teen idol 
Topol, actor (born 1935) 
Toyah (born 1958), British singer and actress 
Trey, American singer, member of Phish 
Tupac (or 2pac) (1971-1996), American rapper 
Twiggy, (born 1949) 


Usher, R&B singer 
Utada, Japanese singer. 


Vampira (born 1921), Finnish-born American actress 
Voltaire, Author of Candide and other works 
Voltaire Cuban-born American musician, named after the author


Weegee (1899-1968), American photojournalist 
Wilhelmina (1940-1980), high-fashion model 


  Xuxa (born 1963), Brazilian television actress and singer 


Yanni (born 1954), musician 
Yaz (born 1939), Baseball Hall of Famer 
Yevonde (1893�1975), Parisian photographer 
Yuri (born 1964), a Mexican singer and actress 
Yuri, a Korean singer. 
Yu~ki Japanese musician of Malice Mizer fame


Zara, Turkish folk singer 
Zazi, German cyber artist 
Zazie, French pop singer 


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