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This is a list of characters from the
Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts.

  • Charlie Brown: the principal character

  • Charlotte Braun: the original Charlie Brown's counterpart

  • Snoopy: Charlie Brown's dog

  • Linus van Pelt: Charlie Brown's best friend 

  • MarcieLucy van Pelt: Linus' sister 

  • Woodstock: Snoopy's best friend

  • Sally Brown: Charlie Brown's younger sister 

  • Marcie: the bespectacled character 

  • Peppermint Patty: Marcie's best friend

  • Schroeder: the piano-playing character 

  • Franklin: the first African-American character

  • Pig-Pen: the dirtiest character 

  • Frieda: the only player in Charlie Brown's baseball team not to wear a cap

  • Rerun van Pelt: Linus' brother

  • Eudora: a young neighbour of Charlie's. She played on his baseball team.

  • The Kite-Eating Tree: a deciduous tree of indeterminate type

  • Lila: the original owner of Snoopy

  • Miss Othmar: Linus van Pelt's schoolteacher (he had a crush on her)

  • Patty: Violet's closest friend

  • Peggy Jean: one of Charlie's girlfriends

  • Jos� Peterson: a player in the baseball team - he started his own team

  • Poochie: a blonde girl who played with Snoopy when he was younger

  • Roy: he introduced Charlie to Peppermint Patty. They met at summer camp

  • Shermey: the baseball team's designated hitter

  • Joe Shlabotnik: Charlie's favourite baseball player

  • WoodstockAndy: Snoopy's brother

  • Marbles: Snoopy's brother

  • Olaf: Snoopy's brother

  • Spike: Snoopy's brother

  • Belle: Snoopy's sister

  • Thibault: (pronounced Tee-bo) he always caused trouble for Charley & Patty

  • The Little Red-Haired Girl:  Charlie Brown's crush

  • The Great Pumpkin: delivered presents to good children.

  • The Head Beagle: he refused to chase a rabbit.

  • Violet Gray: one of Patty's best friends

  • Woodstock: the bird that befriended Snoopy


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