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Name Sex Meaning
CAMBYSES (M) King of Persia before Darius
CHANGEEZ (M) Chengiz Khan
Charagh (M) Lamp, light
CINCIXRI (M) Father of Martiya
CISANTAXMA (M) A Sagartian rebel
CISHPI (M) King of Elam about 610 B.C.
CYRUS (M) Founder of the Persian Empire
- D -
Daanaa (M) Wise, learned
Daanish (M) Knowledge, Science
DÂDARSHI (M) A Persian, satrap of Bactria
Dara (M) Possessor, Sovereign
DÂRAYAVAHU (M) Son of Hystaspen, king 522-486 B.C
Dastgir (M) Protector, Saint
DÂTUVAHYA (M) Father of Megabyzus
Didar (M) Vision, sight
Dil (F) Heart, mind
Dilawar (M) Bold, Brave
Dilruba (F) Beloved
Dilshad (F) Happy, Glad, Cheerful
Dost (M) Friend
- E -
EHSAN (M) Goodness 
EHTERAM (F) Respect
ELAHEH  (F) Goddess 
ELHAM  (F) Inspiration, revelation, imagination 
EMAD (M) Confidence 
ESFANDIAR (M) A character in Shahnameh
ESMAEEL (M) Ishmael (son of Abraham)
- F -
FAHM ARA (F) Adorned with intellect
FAHMIDA (F) Intelligent, judicious
FARAZ  (M) Ascent, height, exalted
FARHA (F) Glad, joyful, delight
FARRUKH (M) Good-looking, happy, auspicious, fortunate
FARZANA  (F) Wise, intelligent
FEEROZ (M) Victorious, happy, fortunate
FIZA (F) Augmenting, increasing
FRÂDA (M) A Margian rebel
FRAVARTI (M) A Median rebel
FUROOGH  (M) Splendour, light, brightness
- G -
GAUBARUVA (M) Ally of Darius
GAUHAR (M) Gem, jewel, noble
GAUMÂTA  (M) Median pretender, enemy of Darius
GILEEM  (M) Blanket (warmth & protection)
GIRAAMI (M) Respectable, precious, dear
GUL (F) Flower
GUZEEDA (F) The chosen one
GUZEEN (M) Selecting, adopting
GUZEENA  (F) Selecting, adopting
GUZEER (M) Remedy, help
- H -
HABIB (M) Friend 
HABIBEH (F) Beloved 
HADI (M) Guide, leader
HAIDEH (F) Repentant 
HALEH (F) Halo 
HAMI (M) Protector, defender 
HAMID  (M) Praiseworthy 
HASTI  (F) Existence 
HEDAYAT (M) Guide 
HENGAMEH (F) Uproar, wonder, marvel causing admiration 
HIRAD  (M) Appearing fresh and healthy 
HESAM  (M) A sharp sword 
HOMAYOON  (M) Royal, fortunate 
HORMAT (F) Honour
HOURI (F) Fairy 
HUMA (F) Phoenix (a mythical bird), Eagle
HUMAYUN (M) Fortunate, August, A Mughal Emperor
- I -
IDEH  (F) Idea; Name of a plant 
IMAN (F) Faith 
IRAF  (M) Name of the father of Arda 
IRAJ (M) A character in Shahnameh
IRMAN (M) Wish
IRSA (F) Rainbow; Iris
IZAD (M) God; an angel 
- J -
JAHANDAR (M) Possessor of the World 
JAHANGIR (M) Conqueror of the World 
JAHANSHAH  (M) King/Emperor of the World 
JAMILEH  (F) Excellent talents 
JAMSHID (M) A character in Shahnameh, a king
JANNAT (F) Paradise 
JASMINE (F) Name of a fragrant plant
JASPER (M) Treasurer
JAVAD (M) Liberal
JAVANEH  (F) Sprout, young 
JAVED (M) Eternal, everlasting
JAWAID (M) Eternal, everlasting
- K -
KAISER (M) Name of a Persian King
KAMBIZ (M) Fortunate 
KAMDIN  (M) Religion speakers 
KAMRAN  (M) Successful, fortunate
KAMSHAD (M) Happy wish/desire 
KAMYAR (M) Successful 
KAYVAN (M) World, universe 
KHANDAN (F) Smiling
KHASHAYAR (M) Name of a Persian King 
KHATEREH  (F) Memory 
KHODADAD  (M) God-given 
KHURAM (M) Delightful, cheerful, fresh
KHURAMI (F) Delight, cheerfulness, pleasure
KHUSH HAAL (M) Prosperous, happy, fortunate
KIMIYA  (F) Alchemy 
KIRA (F) Sun
KOBRA (F) Major 
KOKAB (F) Star, celestial body 
KOOSHA (M) Diligent 
KOUROSH (M) First King of Iran 
- L -
LADAN  (F) A flower
LALEH  (F) Tulip 
LEILA (F) Nocturnal
LEILY  (F) Nocturnal, one who does anything by night
LILA (F) The lilac tree 
LILI (F) A flower 
- M -
MADIHA (F) Praiseworthy
MALOOFUD DIN (M) Lover of the religion (Islam)
MALOOFULLAH (M) Allah's beloved
MEHR (M) Sun, affection
MEHRUN NISA (F) Sun of the women
MIRZA (M) Prince, Son of a nobleman
- N -
NAHEED (F) Venus (name of a planet), help
NAMRA (F) Number, figure
NARMIN (M) Clean, soft
NARMINA (F) Clean, soft, delicate
NAVEED (M) Good news, invitation to a wedding
NAWAZ (M) Bestower, cherishing, performer
NAZAKAT (F) Delicacy, neatness, noliteness
NAZISH (F) Pride
NAZNIN (F) Delicate lady, beloved, lovely
NIGAAR (F) Painting, decoration, beloved
NIHAL (M) Shoot (young plant), sapling
NIHALA (F) Shoot (young plant), sapling
NISHTAR (M) Lancet
NIYAZ (M) Desire, something dedicated (an offering)
NOOR AFSHA (F) One who sprinkles (spreads) light
NOOR-E-ALAM (M) Light of the world
NOOR JEHAN (F) Light of the world
NUSHAB (M) Water of life, elixir
NUSHABA (F) Water of life, elixir

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