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Polynesian Names

Afa Hurricane M
Afu Hot M
Ahohako Storm M
Ahomana Thunder M
Aiata  The woman who eats clouds F
Aisake He laughs M
Aisea God saves M
Akolo Fence M
Alika The defender of mankind.  M
Alipate Bright M
Amanaki Hope M
Amura Big smile M/F
Anitelu Masculine, manly M
Arana Polynesian form of Alan. Handsome.  M
Ariki A chief.  M
Atiu The eldest.  M
Eloni Lofty M
Ema Beloved. F
Emobi Birth M
Erita Royal coconut of the great valley. F
Fainga To confront M
Faipa Baits the hook M
Fale House M
Faleaka Plant house M
Fangaloka Beach M
Fangatua Wrestle M
Feleti Peace M
Fetia  Star. F
Hika A daughter.  F
Hine A maiden.  F
Hiriwa Silver.  F
Hoku A star.  F
Hori Polynesian form of George. A tiller of the soil (farmer).  M
Ihorangi Rain.  M
Inas The wife of the moon.  F
Irawaru A figure from legend.  M
Kaimi The seeker.  F
Kaula Prophet.  F
Kauri A New Zealand tree.  M
Keoni The righteous one.  M
Kereteki A mythological figure.  M
Kiri The bark of a tree.  F
Kohia A passionflower.  F
Kupe The name of a heroic explorer.  M
Kura Polynesian: Red. Maori: Treasure.  F
Lani The sky. A boy or girl's name.  M/F
Mahina The moon.  F
Mahuru The goddess of spring.  F
Mana  Power. M
Manu The man of the birds.  M
Marama The moon man.  M
Maru Gentle.  F
Matahina Goddess eyes. F
Matareka The one with a smiling face.  M
Maui A legendary hero. The name of a Hawaiian island.  M
Mere Bitter, as in a bitterly wanted child. Also - The star of the sea.  F
Nani Beautiful.  F
Ora Latin: Light, golden. Polynesian: Life.  M/F
Oriata Cloud dance. M/F
Oroiti The slow-footed one.  M
Ponui  The big night. M
Rahiti Rising sun. M
Rangi Heaven or the sky. M/F
Rata Aboriginal: A plant. Polynesian: The name of a great chief.  M/F
Rewa Slender.  F
Rongo The God of rain and fertility.  M
Tama Japanese: A jewel. Polynesian: A boy or son. M/F
Tane The name of a god.  M
Tangaroa Of the sea.  M
Taranga A figure from legend.  F
Tawhiri A tempest.  M
Tehei  Crown. M/F
Teva Rain (name of a tribe). M
Tiki One who is fetched, as in a spirit after death.  M
Tunui  The great representative. M
Turi The name of a famous chief.  M
Turua Beautiful.  F
Ulani Cheerful, light hearted.  F
Whetu A star.  M

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