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Angel Face
Baby Doll
Baby Face
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Sweet Cheeks

Doll Face
Honey bee
Sugar Muffin
Sugar Plum
Sweet Pea 

Name Origin Meaning
Aatiqah Arabic  a beautiful lady
Abila  Latin beautiful (F)
Achtland Celtic Goddess of Wanton Love
Adara  Greek beauty (F)
Adonia Greek a beautiful Goddess
Aglaia Greek splendid beauty; goddess of harmony
Ahuva Jewish beloved
Aidin Celtic Goddess of Love and Sexuality
Aiko Japanese love; beloved one; little one
Aine Irish Goddess of Fertility and Love
Akanke  Nigerian to know her is to love her (F)
Akemi  Japanese bright and beautiful
Alalahe Polynesian Goddess of Love
Aldabella Italian beautiful
Alina Polish bright, beautiful 
Alpana Hindi beautiful
Amadeus Roman love
Amadika Zimbabwean the beloved one (F)
Amadora Italian gift of love (F)
Amancio  Spanish loving
Amata Italian beloved (F)
Amor  French love
Anath Canaanite Goddess of Love
Andria Italian love, joy (F)
Andromeda Greek beautiful maiden rescued by Perseus 
Anika Dutch very beautiful (F)
Anteros Greek Goddess of Love and Passion
Aoibheann  Gaelic beautiful
Aphrodite Greek Goddess of beauty, love and fertility
Aroha Maori love
Armas  Finnish beloved
Astrild Old Norse  fair, beautiful Goddess of Love
Astrophel Literature lover
Ayanna Kiswahili beautiful flower, wildflower
Aziz Arabic  beloved
Baha Muslim beautiful, magnificent
Bahiya Arabic  beautiful, radiant
Beaumont French from a beautiful mountain (M)
Belita Spanish the beautiful one
Bella  Italian beautiful child
Berdine Teutonic a glorious maiden
Beria Turkish most beautiful and mature young lady
Bonita Latin pretty, beautiful (F)
Branwen  Welsh beautiful child
Calida Spanish warm and loving (F)
Calista Latin/Greek cup; fairest, most beautiful (F)
Calla Greek beautiful
Calogero Italian beautiful elder
Canan Turkish beloved, sweetheart
Carwyn Welsh blessed love
Cathe�a Mohave the Mohave Goddess of Love (F)
Ceri Welsh love
Chadna Indian love
Charu Hindi beautiful
Chaviva Hebrew dearly loved
Cher French beloved, dear (F)
Chiamaka  African God is beautiful (Igbo Female)
Chimala Ixil Maya beauty
Civan Turkish young; handsome young man
Claribel English bright; beautiful
Corizon Spanish of the heart
Crysella dark beauty
Dakarai African happiness (M)
Davan Irish the beloved, the adored one (F)
Dayita Indian beloved (F)
Deanara Goddess of Beauty
Delbar Iranian charming, sweetheart, heart-ravisher 
Derry Celtic great lover; an ancient hero
Dilara  Turkish lover, heart adorner
Dilruba Turkish one who steals hearts; beautiful
Dodi Greek beloved, beloved friend
Emi  Japanese beauty
Eshita Indian one who desires (F)
Ezili Fon Goddess of Love and Beauty
Falguni Hindi beautiful
Fatin/ Fatinah Arabic captivating, alluring, enchanting
Femi African love me (F)
Ferah Turkish joy, pleasure, cheerfulness
Formosa Latin beauty
Freya Norwegian love
Ghaniyah Arabic pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty
G�n�l Turkish heart, mind; affection, desire
Grazyna Polish beautiful child
Habibah Swahili beloved, sweetheart, darling
Habika African sweetheart (F)
Hasijna Swahili beautiful, attractive
Hasina Swahili good; beautiful (F)
Hasna' Arabic beautiful 
Hasnaa Swahili beauty
Hassaan Muslim beautiful
Hassan Muslim beautiful
Hassina Arabic very beautiful
Hayam Arabic deliriously in love 
Hermosa Spanish beautiful
Hitomi  Japanese doubly beautiful
Hiwahiwa Hawaiian precious, beloved, darling,  favourite
Hiwalani Hawaiian beloved child or favourite
Hooriya Arabic angel 
Huba Swahili love, friendship
Huriyyah Arabic angel 
Husni Arabic beauty
Husniyah Arabic beautiful 
Hussein Muslim beautiful
Indira  Hindu Myth beauty
Jaffa  Hebrew beautiful
Jaffe  Jewish beautiful child
Jamal Arabic beauty
Jameel Muslim beautiful 
Jameela Arabic beautiful, graceful, lovely
Jamila Swahili  beautiful (F)
Jamilah Arabic beautiful, graceful, lovely 
Jia  Chinese beautiful child
Jorunn Norwegian love
Jumoke Yoruba everyone loves the child
Kalia Hawaiian beauty
Kallias Greek love
Kalliope  Greek beautiful child
Kallisto Greek beautiful child
Kalyan  Indian beautiful child
Kama Sanskrit love
Kamadev  Hindi God of love
Kamini Hindi beautiful woman
Kanani Hawaiian the beautiful one
Kanta Indian desired, beautiful
Kanti  Indian beauty
Karita Scandinavian loving and benevolent (F)
Karrisa Greek love, grace
Katinonkwat Huron heart's desire
Keefe Gaelic loveable and handsome, noble
Keely Gaelic beautiful and graceful
Keiko Japanese adored one
Keilana Hawaiian adored one
Kerensa Cornish love (F)
Khazana Indian treasure
Kipendo Swahili  love
Kitoko African beautiful (M/F)
Kola Lakota friend
Krasimir  Bulgarian beautiful peace
Kumiko  Japanese eternal beautiful child
Kura Maori treasure (F)
Lalana Indian a beautiful woman (F)
Lalika  Hindi lovely woman (F)
Lalima Hindi beauty
Lalita Hindi beautiful woman (F)
Lata  Hindi beautiful vine
Lavanya Indian beauty
Lawan  Thai beautiful
Leba Yiddish beloved (F)
Lei Hawaiian garland, a beloved child, sweetheart
Lennan Irish lover, sweetheart
Lerato Tswana  love
Lewa African beautiful (F)
Libena Czech love
Machiko Japanese child who learns truth; beautiful child
Madhavi Hindi honey
Madhuvanthi Hindi one who is sweet like honey
Maganda Filipino  beautiful
Mahbuba Swahili  beloved 
Mahvash Iranian moon-like; a beauty
Maliheh Iranian beautiful 
Manjula Sanskrit lovely, beautiful
Maysun Arabic of beautiful face and body 
Mchumba  African sweetheart
Mea Aloha Hawaiian loved one, beloved
Mei  Chinese beautiful child
Meliha Turkish beautiful, sweet and charming (Turkish)
Michiko  Japanese beautiful wise child
Milia Hawaiian the beloved flower or child
Milimili Hawaiian toy, favourite, darling, pet, beloved
Milinanea Hawaiian cherished person
Minako  Japanese beautiful child
Misaki  Japanese beauty
Miyako  Japanese beautiful March child
Miyoko Japanese beautiful generations child
Mizuki  Japanese beautiful moon
Morongo Zimbabwe Goddess pf Love and Sexuality
Mpenzi   Swahili  sweetheart
Munay Quechua love
Naama  Hebrew beautiful, good-looking
Naavah Hebrew lovely
Nabulungi  Buganda beautiful one
Nadirah Arabic rare, precious
Nakawa Swahili  beautiful 
Nambi Masai Goddess of Love and Sexuality
Narkeasha African pretty (F)
Natsumi Japanese beautiful summer
Nayeli  Nat. Amer. love
Nazanin Iranian sweetheart
Nazeli Armenian pretty
Nazli  Arabic delicate, beautiful
Nazneen  Farsi exquisitely beautiful; charming
Negar Iranian sweetheart
Nikoo Iranian good, beautiful   
Nina Hindi beautiful eyes
Nizhoni  Navajo beautiful 
Noelani Hawaiian beautiful girl from Heaven
Nomble Xhosa beauty
Numa Arabic beautiful and pleasant
Olathe  Am Indian lovely
Olufemi Yoruba God loves me
Orabela  Esperanto beautiful child
Penda Swahili  love (F)
Philemon  Biblical affectionate
Prakriti Hindi nature, beautiful
Preeti  Indian love
Priya Sanskrit love
Raman Hindi beloved, delightful
Rana Arabic beautiful, eye-catching
Reiko  Japanese beautiful; lovely child
Remba Swahili  beautiful 
Rosabel Italian beautiful rose
Rosabella Italian beautiful child
Rudo Shona love
Runako African handsome (M)
Rupashi Hindi beautiful
Salma Iranian sweetheart 
Saloni Hindi dear, beautiful
Sanjula Hindi beautiful (F)
Sauda Swahili  dark beauty
Shaina  Yiddish beautiful (F)
Shakeela Hindi beautiful (F)
Shameena Indian beautiful (F)
Shana Hebrew beautiful (F)
Shayna  JYiddish beautiful
Shayndel Yiddish beautiful (F)
Sheena Irish God's gracious gift
Shivangi Indian beautiful (F)
Shreya Hindi beautiful
Shrikanta  Indian beautiful (M)
Shrila Hindi beautiful
Suchandra Indian beautiful
Sudarshana  Sanskrit beautiful
Sudarshini  Hindi beautiful lady
Sukeshi Indian with beautiful hair (F)
Suki   Japanese  beloved
Sumiko  Japanese  child of goodness; beautiful child
Sundara  Sanskrit beautiful
Supriti Indian true love
Surabhi Hindi beauty
Susama Sanskrit very good!, a very beautiful woman
Sushama Indian beauty (F)
Tabasamu  Swahili a beautiful smile
Tangakin Armenian precious
Thandiwe  African loving
Turkiya  Swahili  beautiful 
Urmila  Swahili  enchantress
Uzuri Swahili  beauty
Venus  Roman love
Waheeda Indian beautiful (F)
Wahissa Cherokee happy place
Wamuiru Kikuyu dark skinned beauty
Widad  Arabic love
Yaffa Hebrew lovely
Yumi  Japanese  beautiful 
Yumiko Japanese  beautiful child 
Zahi  Arabic beautiful, brilliant
Zahra Indian beautiful, fair in colour
Zaina Swahili beautiful 
Zainabu Swahili beautiful 
Zala Slovene beautiful
Zaynab Swahili  beautiful
Zaynah Arabic beautiful
Zeeba Iranian beautiful
Zenabu Swahili  beautiful 
Ziba  Persian beautiful
Zina Swahili  a beauty
Zizilia Polish Goddess of Love
Zoraida  Arabic enchanting woman
Zoria Slavic Goddess of Beauty
Zuleika Literature beauty
Zuri Swahili  beautiful

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