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F happy children of the moon
Ahuarii F royal garment
Ahu'ura F red garment
Aifatu M/F the messenger
Aiata F woman who eat the clouds
Aitu M Priest who eats the good foods
Amana M king of the red country
Amura M/F eclipse of the sun
Anapa M sparkling sea
Anuata F shadow woman of the night
Anui M big outrigger
Arava M desired kid
Areiti M small wave
Arenui M big wave
Ari  M deep water
Ari'i M prince
Ariiheiva M prince of the games
Ataroa M/F big smile
Atea M/F open, far away, clear
Atutahi M/F Tahitian name for the star Piscis australis
Eeva F star of the night
Eperona M ocean bird
Erita F royal coconut
Etini M/F white flowers on the path
Fa�anui F woman of the valley
Fara  M The pandanus
Fareani M/F house of the poets
Heia M/F beauty of feathers
Heimana M royal crown
Heimanu F wreath of birds
Heimata F crown of eyes
Heipua F crown of flowers
Heirani F wreath of the sky
Heiva M sport games
Hereata F cloud of love
Herenui F love of the gods
Hina M divinity of the moon
Hinatea F white great grand daughter
Hiro M after a legend, name of a Polynesian god
Hoani M/F bird of the gods
Hoanui M great friend
Hoa-Tapu M Tahitian god of war
Iriata F skin of the clouds
Maeva F welcome


F fern of the poets
Mairenui F large fern
Mako M shark
Mamanu F the red birds
Mana M power
Manu M/F bird of the night
Manua M bird bringing good news
Manuarii M royal bird
Manutea M/F white bird
Mareva F canoes bringing presents from island to island
Maruata F shadow of the clouds
Matahi M the first one
Meherio F mermaid
Merehau F the king�s praise
Merenui F the king�s praise of the marae
Miri F caress
Maohinui M the great Polynesian
Moana M deep ocean
Moea F woman asleep
Moeata F the sleeping cloud
Moeava M/F sleepy pass
Moehau M/F peaceful sleep
Moerani F sleeping sky
Mohea F beautiful princess
Monoihere F beloved monoi
Nana F the king�s eyes
Nanihi F complete
Nohoarii M the king�s house
Nunui M to be great
Nu'utea F a fleet of canoes passing by far away
Orama F the big vision of the sky, the flame
Oriata M/F cloud dance
Poe M/F pearl
Poem� M/F the pearl of the deep seas
Poenui F large pearl
Poerava F black pearl
Poeura F red pearl
Pomare M little cough
Ponui M great night
Puaiti F little flower
Puaura F red flower
Puatea F white flower
Purotu M/F child of the gods, beautiful
Ra'anui M greatly sacred
Rahiti M the sunrise
Ra'iarii M royal sky, prince of the sky
Ra'ihau F peaceful sky
Ra'imere F praise to the sky
Ra�inui F sky without cloud, great sky
Ranitea F clear sky
R�rau F suns of the sky
Raurii F small flower
Raunui F large leaf
Raurii F small leaf
Re'are'a M Tahitian god of happiness and joy
Reia M he who seizes
Rereau M/F flying bird
Reva M/F red flag
Ro'onui M great reputation
Tahiata F first cloud
Tahitoa M first warrior
Taiana F the girl afraid at night
Tane M man
Tapunui M sacred head
Tauarii M my prince
Taurua F Venus
Tautiare F my flower
Tearri M the king
Teata M/F the cloud
Tehani F the caress
Tehea F which
Tehei M/F crown
Tehina M great grandson
Teina M future king
Teiva M after a legend, a prince of the islands
Temana M power
Temanava M/F the welcoming
Temaru M/F the king's sunrise
Temoe M/F sunrise
Tera F the sun
Teva M historical name, name of a clan
Tevai F sacred waters
Tita M/F fruit of the sun
Titaua F in a friend
Toanui M great warrior
Tuianu F divide the coldness
Tumata F watching
Tunui M great advocate
Uira M/F the flash, lightening
Unutea F sacred white sculpture
Uranui M big feather
Urarii F little feather
Vaea M/F king of the ocean
Vaiana F water from the cave
Vaianu F cold water
Vaiata F the bath of the princess, twilight water
Vaihere F water of love, loved water
Vaimiti M/F water of the sea
Vainui M/F big waters
Vairea F sparkling, joyful water
Vaite F the soul of the child
Vaitea M/F clear water, waterfall
Vaitiare F water flower
Vetea M the open sky

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