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Wolf Names

Accalia she-wolf (Latin)
Adalwolf  noble wolf (German)
Adalwolfa  noble she-wolf (German)
Adoff  variant of Adolph; noble wolf (German)
Adolfo  noble wolf  (Latin)
Adolph  noble wolf (German & Polish, Male)
Adolpha  noble she-wolf (German)
Adolphus noble wolf (German/Latin)
AdoQhina Feminine form of Adolph. Noble wolf. (Teutonic)
Akela fictional character in Mowgli stories
Amaguk  wolf (Inupiat/Nunamiut)
Amarog  wolf (Greenland-Inuit)
Amoux  eagle wolf (French)
Amwolf  eagle wolf (German)
Ardolf  home loving wolf (English, Male)
Arnou eagle wolf (French, Male)
Ardwolf home loving wolf (English, Male)
Audolf wolfs friend (Norse)
Ayame  a female wolf; demon Princess 
Bardalph ax wolf (Old English)
Bardolf  ax wolf (Old English)
Bardolph famous wolf, ax-wolf, ferocious
Bardou bright wolf; ax-weilding wolf (English)
Barwolf  ax wolf
Beowulf  intelligent wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
Bhangi  wolf (Tibetan)
Bighana wolf (Central India)
Biryuk wolf (Molokan)
Bjomolf bear wolf (Norse)
Blaez wolf (Old Breton)
Bledig like a wolf (M - Welsh)
Bleddyn wolf (Welsh)
Bleidd wolf (Welsh)
Bodolf wolf leader (Norse)
Boris wolf, short (Russian, Bulgarian, Slovene, German - Male)
Botewolf herald wolf (English)
Botolf  messenger wolf; herald wolf (Old English)
Botwolf herald wolf (Old English)
Bozkurtlar grey wolf (Turkish)
Cailean young wolf
Caleb dog (Hebrew, Male)
Cana wolf cub (Celtic)
Canagan wolf cub (Celtic)
Chann  young wolf (English)
Channing  young wolf; official of the church (Old French)
Channon young wolf (English)
Chanteloup song of the wolf (French)
Chinua  wolf (Mongolian)
Colin in whelp (Celtic)
Conall strong as a wolf (Irish Mythology)
Conan hound, wolf; high (English, Irish, Gaelic)
Connery wolf farmer (Celtic)
Connor wolf lover (Irish)
Conri/y king of wolves/hounds (Celtic)
Convel wolf warrior (Celtic)
Conwenna  wolf, hound (Cornish) 
Cuan little wolf or little hound (Irish)
Dib wolf (Arabic)
Dolph wolf (Teutonic)
Dolphus  noble wolf (German)
Edon wolf (French Male)
Ethelwulf noble wolf  (Old English)
Eyolf lucky wolf (Norwegian)
Faoiltiama  wolf lady (Irish)
Faolan  little wolf (Irish, Gaelic)
Farkas  wolf (Hungarian)
Felan small wolf (Celtic)
Fenris mythical monster wolf (Norse)
Filtiarn lord of wolves (Celtic)
Freki myth name of Odin's wolf (Norse)
Fridolf peaceful wolf (Old English)
Friduwulf peaceful wolf (Old English)
Geirolf wolf spear (Norse)
Gmork a fictional villainous character
Gonzalo wolf (Spanish)
Gorg wolf (Farsi)
Guadalupe  wolf valley (female- Arabic)
Gunnolf fighting wolf (Norse)
Haquihana wolf (Arapho)
Hazar-shual wolfs house (Biblical)
Hemene wolf (Nez Perce, Male)
H'nehe wolf (Cheyenne)
Honi  wolf (Arapaho) 
Honiahaka little wolf (Cheyenne)
Hrolf wolf (Norse)
Hrolleif  old wolf (Norse)
Ingolf Ing's wolf (Norse)
Ivaylo wolf (Bulgarian, Male)
Jei a character from the Usagi Yojimbo comics
Kadzait wandering wolves
Kiyiya howling wolf (Yakima)
Kuckunniwi little wolf (Cheyenne)
Kurt wolf (Turkish)
Kweeuu  wolf (Hopi)
Landga wolf (Marathi)
Larentia the shewolf who nursed Remus and Romulus (Latin)
Leidolf wolf descendant (Norse)
Leloo wolf (Chinook)
Liekos wolf (Greek)
Llop wolf (Catalonian)
Lobo  wolf (Portuguese)
Loup wolf (French)
Louvel  little wolf (French)
Lowe  little wolf (French)
Lowell  wolf cub; little wolf (Old French)
Lupe  wolf (female- Spanish)
Luperca Shewolf who nursed Romulus and Remus  (Latin)
Lupin  wolf (Anime)
Lupo wolf (Italian)
Lupu wolf (Maltese)
Lupus wolf (Latin)
Lyall  wolf;  surname (Old Norse)
Lycaonia she-wolf (Biblical)
Lykaios  wolfish, of a wolf; wolf-like (Greek - Unisex)
Maccon son of a wolf (Celtic)
Maicoh wolf (Navaho)
Maengun  wolf (Ojibwe)
Maheegan wolf (Native American)
Mahigan  wolf (Algonquin/Cree)
Maiyun  wolf (Cheyenne)
Makoce earth (Lakota - female)
Marrok knight thought to be a werewolf (Arthurian legend)
Maugrim a powerful wolf in a book 
Mgelika  male wolf (Georgian)
Mingan  grey wolf (Native American)
Minsi named for the Wolf Clan of the Lenape (Lenape) 
Mohegan wolf (American Indian - Lenape)
Nashoba wolf (Choctaw Male)
Nuntis  the Sun-Wolf (Latin) 
Ocumwhowurst  yellow wolf (Cheyenne)
Odolf prosperous wolf  (Old German)
Odwolfe wealthy wolf (English)
Okhmhaka little wolf (Cheyenne)
Olcan wolf (Celtic)
Onai  wolf (Tamil)
Ookami wolf (Japanese)
Oonai the wolf (from The Jungle Book)
Otsanda  she-wolf (Basque)
Otsoa  wolf
Phelan like a wolf  (Irish, Gaelic - Male)
Radolf  red wolf (English)
Rafe shield-like wolf knight thought to be a werewolf
Raff red wolf (English)
Raksha character featured in Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli stories
Ralf  red wolf
Ralph  wolf counsel; a fearless adviser (Old English)
Rand  shield wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
Randall shield wolf (Old English)
Randale  wolf's shield (English)
Randi  shield wolf; house wolf; protector (English)
Randolph  a wolf shield  (Old German)
Randon  house wolf; wolf with a shield
Ranulfo Wolf's shield; emblem painted on a war shield (Teutonic)
Raoul  wolf council; red wolf (English)
Raul  wolf counsel (Spanish)
Rendall  wolf shield (Male - English)
Reule  famous wolf (French)
Rezso famous wolf (Teutonic)
Rodolfo famous wolf (Spanish)
Rolf  red wolf (Teutonic)
Rollin famous wolf (Teutonic)
Rollo famous wolf (Teutonic)
Roukan wolf counsel (Japanese)
Rudi famed wolf (German) abbreviation of Rudolph
Rudolph famous wolf (Old German)
Ruelle famous wolf (French, Male)
Rule famous wolf (French, Male)
Sandalio true wolf (Spanish, Male)
Seff a wolf (Hebrew)
Segolia wolf (Chipewyan)
Shumani short for Shumanitutanka, meaning wolf
Shunkaha wolf (Lakota)
Singarti wolf (Inuktitut)
Sirhaan wolf (Muslim)
Skll a wolf that chased the sun (Norse Mythology)
Susi wolf (Finnish/Estonian)
Tala  red wolf, stalking wolf  (Native American - Sioux) 
Tamaska a mighty wolf 
Tasha wolf (Caddo)
Tate stalking wolf (Native American - Female)
Tchono  wolf (Mongolian)
Teekon wolf (Athabascan)
Tikaani wolf (Ahtna Athabascan)
Timmeu wolf (Old Lenape)
Toralu  wolf (Telegu)
Tunstall wolf of Thor (Teutonic Male)
Two Socks the wolf in "Dances With Wolves"
Ty-Ohni wolf (Native American)
Udolf  wolf-wealth (Old English)
Udolph  wind (Lakota - Male)
Ujku wolf (Albanian)
Ulf  wolf-like, courageous (Swedish)
Ulf  wolf (Old German)
Ulfang wolf fang
Ulfred  wolf of peace (Old English, Male)
Ulger  wolf spear (Old English, Male)
Ullok  wolf sport (Old English, Male)
Ulmar  famous wolf (Old English, Male)
Ulmer  fame of the wolf (Norse, Male)
Ulra  famous wolf
Ulric power of the wolf  (English, Old German)
Ulrich  female wolf (English)
Ulrika  wolf ruler (English)
Ulrike  wolf ruler
Ulvelaik  wolf sport (English)
Ursula  wolf sport
Uwais small wolf (Muslim)
Varg wolf  (Old Norse)
Vargynja  little wolf
Velvel wolf (Yiddish, Male)
Vilkas  wolf (Lithuanian)
Vilks wolf (Latvian)
Vuk  wolf (Croatian)
Vukasin wolf (Serbian, Male)
Waya wolf (Cherokee)
Weylyn  the son of the wolf (Celtic, Male)
Wolfgang son of the wolf; path of the wolf (German/Teutonic, Male)
Wolfram wolf raven (Teutonic)
Wolfrik  wolf ruler (German, Male)
Woolsey  victorious wolf (English, Male)
Wselfwulf  wolf of slaughter
Wulffrith  wolf of peace
Wulfgar  wolf-like spear (English/Anglo-Saxon, Male)
Wulfsige  victorious wolf
Ylva she-wolf (Scandinavian, Female)
Yowlumne people of the wolf (Yokut) 
Zayev wolf (Hebrew)
Zeeb wolf (Biblical)
Zeus wolf God 
Z'ev wolf (Hebrew - Male)




























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