April 7th, 2002
Held in Sydney, NSW
50 Entries
Judge: Mrs Jocelyn Creffield (UK)

Judge Jocelyn Creffield with Chris Van Beek and Best In Show winner CH. CHISMENE CARBON COPY

Judge Jocelyn Creffield with Chris Van Beek and Best In Show winner

Aust. Ch. CHISMENE CARBON COPY - Best In Show Lowchen Specialty April 2002 NSW



Australian Champion
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Bred, owned and exhibited by Chris Van Beek.

Ch. Bigglesmere's Liv'n Doll (Imp.U.K.)


Australian Champion
(Imp. UK)

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Owned & exhibited by Jonquilow Lowchens


Best Baby Puppy in Show: Paceaway Toto 
Best Minor in Show:
Jonquilow My Mandolin 
Best Puppy in Show:
Elguarda Amircale 
Best Junior in Show:
Ch.Jonquilow The Dream Time 
Best Intermediate in Show:
Ch. Primecca Snow Dragon 
Best Aust. Bred in Show:
Ch. Jonquilow Banjo Paterson 
Best Open in Show:
Ch.Chismene Carbon Copy

Baby Puppy Dog:
1st. Paceaway Toto (Minter)
2nd. Tawara Midnight Flight (Callaghan)

Minor Puppy Dog:
1st. Elguarda Don Giovani (Field)

Puppy Dog:
1st. Elguarda Amircale (Field)
2nd. Lordon Bare Derriere (Tinker)
3rd. Jonquilow The Troubador (Quigley/Jones)

Junior Dog:
1st. Ch. Jonquilow The Dream Time (Quigley/Jones) 
2nd. Primecca A French Concept (Seabrook)

Intermediate Dog:
1st. Ch. Primecca Snow Dragon (Webb)
2nd Ch. Jonquilow Mozarts Pride (Quigley/Jones)
3rd N.Z.Ch. Lowenhard Airborn Alot (Horne)

Australian Bred Dog:
1st. Ch. Jonquilow Banjo Paterson (Mawson)
2nd Ch. Chismene Lordov Thestorm (Van Beek)
3rd. Ch. Mijochi Clinton (Emerton/Campbell)

Open Dog:
1st. Ch.Chismene Carbon Copy (Van Beek)
2nd. Ch. Paceaway Ronaldo (Minter)
3rd. Ch.Lowenhart Axplosive Atom (Horne)

Challenge Dog: Ch. Chismene Carbon Copy
Reserve: Ch. Jonquilow The Dream Time

Baby Puppy Bitch:
1st. Tawara Dark Angel (Callaghan)
2nd Chismene Raven On (Rose)
3rd. Hashki TJ Mansell (Williams)

Minor Puppy Bitch:
1st. Jonquilow My Mandalin (Quigley/Jones)
2nd Lordon Naked Truth (Webb)
3rd. Lordon Snow Princess (Seabrook)

Puppy Bitch:
1st. Elguarda Elegante Eloise (Field)
2nd Broughton Miss Can Can (Osborne)
3rd Cannondale Choc E Clair (Seabrook)

Intermediate Bitch:
1st. Elguarda Angel Mist (Field)
2nd Ch. Jonquilow Olympic Flame (Riddell)
3rd Mijochi Taffee Girl (Campbell)

Australian Bred Bitch:
1st. Ch. Jonquilow Waltzn Matilda (Quigley/Jones)
2nd Ch./NZ. Ch. Elguard Sweet Colleen (Field)
3rd. Ch. Primecca Hummingbird (Callaghan)

Open Bitch:
1st. Ch. Bigglesmere's Liv'n Doll (Imp.U.K.) (Quigley/Jones)
2nd Ch. Paceaway X-Rated (Minter)
3rd Lowenhard Ewok Adventure (Horne)

Challenge Bitch: Ch. Bigglesmere's Liv'n Doll (Imp.U.K.)
Reserve: Ch. Paceaway X-Rated

Property Classes
Best Head - Ch. Chismene Lordov Thestorm
Best Gait - NZ Ch Lowenhart Airborn Alot
Best Coat - Mijochi Clinton
Best Bottom - Ch. Paceaway X-Rated

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