Agility Christmas Carols

Sung to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

Don't rest ye merry ring stewards, please get out of the way
A Border Collie's hit the course for high speed tunnel play.
The Sheltie's knocking down the jumps to the Shepherds dismay;
And the Lab, she has broken the see saw, broke the see saw.
And the Lab, she has broken the see saw.

The dog house tunnel chute ripped off when the striped dog ran through.
A Belgian jumped three extra jumps, between jumps one and two.
That sight hound ran right off the course; he thought his turn was through.
And the Lab, she has broken the see saw, broke the see saw.
And the Lab, she has broken the see saw.

A big mutt stopped on the A Frame to see what she could see.
The Springer stopped a perfect round to lift his leg and pee.
A Poodle's standing on the table barking merrily.
And the Lab, she has broken the see saw, broke the see saw.
And the Lab, she has broken the see saw.

Maria Amodei

Sung to the tune of "Up on the Housetop"

Up on the A-frame, scrambling claws
Down through the yellow with all four paws.
Out through the tunnel with lots of noise.
That's just one of agility's joys.

Oh, ho, ho. Who wouldn't know.
Oh, ho, ho, who wouldn't go.
Over the Dogwalk, climb the A-Frame
That's how you play the Agility Game!

First there's a jump, then a chute that's blue.
A right to the teeter and "tip it" too.
Over the broad jump, must clear it clean.
Can't help but worry, my dog's so green.


Next it's the table, oh, it's a "down".
Stay till you're called now, don't be a clown.
Over the dogwalk at a breakneck pace.
Stop on the contact; oh, what a race!


Left to the triple then a right to the tire!
My dog is flying like a house afire!
Another tunnel, take a shortcut there.
I do need a chance to get some air!


Weave poles and then three more jumps to do.
If we keep on this like this we're sure to get the blue!
Wow, that's our title with a perfect run.
I didn't know anything could be such fun!

Jo Ann Mather

From contributions off the Clean Run list, we built this song:

Sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

On the first day of Christmas, Clean Run gave to me:
A Chihuahua on an A-frame.

Second Day: Two tired judges
Third Day: Three pugs a-climbing
Fourth Day: Four Tervs teetering
Fifth Day: Five jumps to go!
Sixth Day: Six Kuvasz tunneling
Seventh Day: Seven Shelties soaring
Eighth Day: Eight Aussies weaving
Ninth Day: Nine Vizslak a-vaulting
Tenth Day: Ten BC's titling
Eleventh Day: Eleven Mutts a-leapin'
Twelfth Day: Twelve Paps a-pausing

Of course, everyone had their own idea about what breeds should be in there, and what they should be are some other contributions, in no particular order:

Two aussie's herding
Twelve Labbies Waiting (at the start line, ya know!)
Three Catahoulas jumping thru the Tire.
Four Mixed breeds that could run A.K.C.
Here in Iceland we have 13 days of Christmas, so...Thirteen Goldens Galloping!!
13 Cresteds cruising!!
Four Terriers tunneling
Five Cardis weaving
Four Flatcoats Climbing
Six Shelties Singing
Seven Setters Sitting
Eight Eskies Weaving!
Eight Eskies Eating!
Nine Niftys Flying
Ten Pomies teetering
Eleven Dobies leaping
Eleven labs a leapin'


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