Agility Training Seminars

This is just a list of people presently doing agility seminars, and how to contact them. If you, or anyone you know would like to be added to this list, please contact us.

Susan Garrett
2780 Dunmark Road
Alberton, Ontario, Canada
L0R 1A0

Seminars are offered both agility and flyball, and one day workshops of each is an option. As a long time competitor in each sport Susan has enjoyed a high degree of success over the years. Running both a mini dog (Jack RussellTerrier--Shelby) and an open dog (Border Collie--Stoni) at the last 2 USDAA National Agility Team Champonships, each of these dogs' teams have managed to finish no less then fourth each time out winning first place in 1994. During the same period of time Stoni and Twister (another Jack Russell Terrier) were members of the fastest flyball team in the world (holding the world record for 3 consecutive years). In agility these dogs are consistantly at or near the top of the their respective classes with many accolades at both a Regional and a National level to their credit.

Having put an USDAA Master Agility Dog title on both a mini and an open dog, Susan has had the opportunity to develop training games to suit all sizes of dogs. Her fresh, enthusiastic approach will benefit all competitors regardless of their skill level or size of dog.

Seminars focus on the use of conditioned reinforcers in training and re-training dogs. Major emphasis is placed on; teaching fast, reliable contacts, creating a dog who loves to work, dealing with and drawing out speed, evaluating and handling courses, motivating students and their dogs and playing puppy games. In addition, attention will be given to whatever the individual needs of the club may be. Cost per day is $500 plus expenses.

Monica Percival
35 Walnut Street
Turners Falls, MA 01376-9791

Known as one of the top agility competitors in the Northeast since she started competing with her English Springer Spaniels in 1990, Monica currently has two dogs competing in the USDAA Masters class. Also enjoying success at the national level, Monica is a five-time semi-finalist in the Pedigree Grand Prix of Dog Agility, the USDAA's national championships. In qualifying for the nationals, her dogs have won three Pedigree regional qualifers and have placed in the top three dogs on multiple occasions. Monica's Border Collie, "Lazer", made his agility debut in 1994, earning his Agility Dog and Advanced Agility Dog titles in less than a year. In 1995, Lazer won the Gamblers class at both the national championships and at the national team tournament event. Earning the highest score in all height categories, Lazer beat over 200 dogs at each event. Living up to his name, Lazer has stunned audiences all over the country with his speed and intensity. Monica's newest canine companion, "Boomer", is an All-American rescue dog from Virginia.

As an agility instructor for the past 7 years, Monica has introduced thousands of dogs and their people to the sport of agility. A firm believer that all dogs can enjoy agility at some level, her step-by-step teaching approach emphasizes safety, fun, and positive, motivational training techniques. She strives to create a stress-free learning environment in which both handlers and dogs can achieve success and have fun. Each seminar is individually designed for the host club or group.

Monica is the head agility instructor for Camp Gone to the Dogs and has also been an instructor at several other dog camps. In addition to competing and teaching, Monica owns and manages Pipe Dreams, a company that manufactures agility equipment; and co-publishes the Clean Run, a weekly agility magazine.

Stuart and Pati Mah
Jacksonville, FL

Pati and Stuart will show you how to recognize handling challenges, tighten turns, increase your dog's speed, correct jumping problems, work your dog at a distance, and improve your communication with your teammate. You will practice handling techniques such as V-sets, blind crosses, front crosses, rear crosses, counter rotations, and reverse flow pivots. Since knowing when and where to apply these techniques is as important as knowing how to do them, you will learn to analyze courses and to select the most appropriate solutions for you and your dog. The seminar will feature exercises designed to teach the various skills as well as provide an opportunity to discuss course strategy with expert analysts.

Pati and Stuart are top competitors in agility, successfully competing both nationally and internationally. They have extensive teaching experience, and their students have attained the highest titles in USDAA, AKC and NADAC.

Sharon Nelson
11522 South Highway 3
Cataldo, ID, 83810

Sharon is a competitor and teacher of distinction, having won with her dogs at the National level, both individually, and as a member of teams. She has also represented the United States on the World Cup team. Sharon is the founder of NADAC agility, and an agility judge.

Sharon's seminars are geared for those who desire a honest appraisal of their handling and dogs. Her methods not only decrease course time and faults, but help develop the handler-dog relationship to build trust between the teammates. She excells is being able to observe a team working and determine where the problems lie.

Ruth Hobday
Willow Batch
Carding Mill Valley
Church Stretton
Shropshire. SY6 6JG U.K.
Tel. 01694 723126

Ruth is a top-ranked agility competitor in England as well as one of the foremost teachers in the world. She is probably best known for her excellent books and videos on agility, including her "Agility Fun the Hobday Way" series. Her Border Collie Heidi was Agility Dog of the Year in 1987 and 1988 - the highest honor given in England to the top dog in the country. Ruth is now working Heidi's children. Zany rose to Senior Level quickly placing 1st seven times in Novice and winning the Pedigree Chum Malvern Classic Novice Class. Tarka ended his first year ranked 3rd Novice dog in England. Both are now at advanced level training. A former elementary school teacher in England, Ruth is now a full-time agility and obedience instructor. She has taught obedience for over 25 years and agility for 14.

Ruth has a kind, sensible approach to training, insightful handling of people and dogs, a fabulous sense of humor, and vast experience and knowledge. Seminars for all levels of ability.

Chris Miele
147 Central Avenue
Old Tappan, NJ 07675
(201) 767-6560

Seminars and mini clinics available. Focus is on "Relationship Training" and managing the space in between the obstacles. How to compete to your team's strengths and knowing which agility tools to apply to a course. Extensive knowledge of International style agility. E-mail for additional information.

Ann Bridges

Ann has been in agility for about 4 years, having trained 4 dogs, a dalmation/pointer mix, a catahoula, and 2 ACD's. The Dal mix competed for about 4 months earning her NJC, RJ-N titles. The Catahoula is the first of his breed to earn a title in NADAC and ASCA and is currently competeting in the Elite level. He is also the first Catahoula to attend the NADAC Nationals (in 1997) placing 8th in most classes. The ACD's are just beginning their careers, having earned several placements so far.

She is the founder of Panola Agiltiy Canine Klub (with the help of Julie Bergeron) and the owner of Knight Flyer Agility Training and Designs in Carthage Texas. Currently she is doing beginner seminars, from dogs that have never seen equipment to ones that have completed their first agility class or two.

Chris Zink, DVM
Canine Sports Productions
1810A York Road #360
Lutherville, MD 21093 USA
(410) 561-1555

Chris is an expert in the area of canine sports medicine and is the author of Peak Performance and co-author of Jumping from A to Z. Several seminars are available on a variety of topics including: structure as it relates to performance, conditioning the performance dog, lameness evaluation, jump training, and first aid. Both one and two-day seminars are available.

Penny Winegartner
9338 Twin Hills Dr.
Houston, TX 77031-1012
(713) 773-3327

The broad purpose of Penny's seminars is to provide instructors, trainers, handlers and competitors a systematic, fundamental approach to agility training that encourages the development of the handler and dog as a team. Teamwork is at the basis of her teaching and training philosophy. Her U.S.A. Agility training theory addresses the three challenges of Understanding, Skill, and Attitude. The cost of the seminars is kept to a minimum to allow small and new clubs to benefit. Penny is an agility judge for USDAA (through Advanced), NADAC, and the Jack Russel Terrier Club of America.

Suzanne Clothier
Hawks Hunt Farm , PO Box 105, St. Johnsville, NY, 13452

Suzanne Clothier is well known as the author of The Natural Jumping Method, and does seminars on her method and on positive training methods for agility and obedience around the country. You can visit her webpage at

Linda Mecklenburg

Linda Mecklenburg is a competitor of distinction. She and her dogs have been finalists in the USDAA Pedigree Grand Prix National Event for many years, winning with Spiffy in 1997, and have represented the United States Agility Team at the World Championships numerous times. Seminar topics include: Advanced handling and strategy, competition fundamentals. Available for large groups or one-on-one.

Bud Houston
8658 Slocum Rd
Ostrander, OH 43061
(614) 666-2018

Bud Houston has been training people and their dogs in agility since 1990. Bud is also Co-editor of Clean Run, and maintains an agility internet list of the same name. Seminar topics include: introduction to agility, advanced handling, agility games, putting on an event, AKC judging, USDAA judging.

Janet Gauntt
72 Northwood Dr.
Timonium, MD 21093
(410) 252-4842

An active agility judge (USDAA, AKC, AAC) and instructor for the well-known Artful Dodgers club in Baltimore, Janet has been competing with her shelties in agility for many years at both at the local and national level. In addition to teaching course design at AKC judging clinics, she has given several seminars dealing with all levels of agility (beginning through advanced) as well as one day seminars on structuring club programs, and developing instructors and coursework.

Debi Hutchinson
Pasadena, MD
(410) 255-6695

Debi Hutchinson MA, gives practical, down to earth clinics on clicker training especially as it applies to agility. She has taught for Sharon Nelson, Suzanne Clothier, and multiple agility groups across the US. Debi brings to clicker training the many years of background she had as a behavioral specialist for multihandicapped children with behavioral problems. She has deep knowledge of the entire range of Operant Conditioning and knows when to apply all of the various parts.

Kay Whitehead
1254 Francess Drive
Quesnel, BC V2J 6H6
( 250) 992-7886

Kay started training competitive obedience in England over 25 years ago, there she trained a Labrador, German Shepherd, JTR, & Border Collie. Since returning to competitive dog sports in Canada, Kay has trained 2 dogs to U.D. level, a Doberman (Ali) and her Border Collie (Flare # 6 Border Collie in Canada 1996) and is working on the 3rd, another Border Collie (Ziggy).

Kay started in Agility in 1994. Competing mostly in AAC but some USDAA. She is a very active member of AAC and a Masters judge. All three of her dogs have their MADC and are closing in on the ATChC title (one of whom, Flare, is deaf). Two of Kay's dogs were ranked 5th (Ziggy) & 6th (Flare) in AAC stats for 1997, with her third dog (Mica) making 17th in her first year of competition. In 1998 they were again in the top dogs in Canada, ranked 5th, 9th & 11th.

Kay's seminars focus on fun for the dog and handler. Emphasis on body language (what are you really telling your dog?). Limit 15 dogs plus unlimited observers. All training is positive, dogs must WANT to work with their handlers. The main point in all Kay's training is to develop this. Handlers should be warned to never try to tell Kay it's the dogs fault. Cost $200.00 per day - Canadian plus expenses, based on a 7 hour day.

Elicia Calhoun
13 Weston Place
Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Stacy Peardot

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Michael Bond
232 Creek Rd.
Plano, IL 60545
(708) 552-9007

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Brittney Holtorf
Cascade Agility and Dog Training
14115 SW Powell Butte Hwy
Powell Butte, OR 97753
(541) 480-0778

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Sally Jones
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Chris Parker
New Jersey


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