Dog Agility Email Lists

Email lists allow you to discuss agility with hundreds of trainers around the world. They are also a great source of information such as event announcements, rule changes, etc. Here's information on current agility lists.

Agility Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards allow you to post messages on your own time and go back and read them when you wish. They are a good alternative if you can't handle the large amounts of email that the lists generate.

  • The Agility Club
    The Agility Club is the UK’s largest Kennel Club registered agility club.

  • UKC Agility Forum
    Board specifically for discussions related to UKC Agility (and obedience).


Agility Chat

Chat allows you to have real-time discussions with other agility enthusiasts. Most web chatrooms do require that you use a fairly powerful browser like Netscape or IE.

  • ICQ Agility Chat
    Here's a different way to chat. ICQ is a great way to hook up with other people on the internet



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