Bark's Twelve Agility Days of Christmas


From Jim Hutchins (

The background: One of the members of Brandon Agility Running K9s (BARK), Wayne, has a sheltie which he was ready to show in AKC Novice, and needed to find the papers on the dog. Several BARK members spent an afternoon going through boxes of papers at his house until they found the registration so Mac could enter.


On the first day of Christmas, BARK gave to me:

my papers from AKC!

2nd day: two tunnel traps

3rd day: three Starter legs

4th day: four broad jumps

5th day: five table count

6th day: six Paps a-scramblin'

7th day: seven Schnauzers weaving

8th day: eight seconds over

9th day: nine noisy Shelties

10th day: ten course faults

11th day: eleven eliminations

12th day: twelve teeter totters


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