Clicker Training Links

Introductions to Clicker Training

What is this thing called clicker training? What's a clicker?! Here are the answers to these questions.


Comprehensive Clicker Training Sites

Here are the sites to visit for lots of good clicker information.

  • Don't Shoot the Dog!
    Home page of Karen Pryor, who helped popularize the use of the conditioned reinforcer ("clicker") in dog training. Lots of info here, plus all the clicker supplies, resources, videos, etc. you could ever want!
  • The Click and Treat™ Homeworld
    An excellent site from Gary Wilkes with lots of excellent clicker articles.
  • ClickerSolutions
    Another clicker list, also with lots of great training articles (nice page design, too).


Clicker Articles

Who needs books?! You'll find tons of great clicker training information at these sites.


Other Clicker Sites

Some other good sites to visit.


Training Other Species

Just for fun, here are some links on clicker training other types of animals.