Freestyle is a new canine sport with roots in obedience, but requiring many more movements from the dog and handler, in a routine set to music. There are several styles of freestyle in the US. CFF is more oriented towards showcasing the dog and their movements, with the handler being as inconspicuous as possible, similar to equine dressage. WCFO and MCSI are more flamboyant, with more emphasis on handler costuming and movement and a variety of moves from the dog. Both types have many supporters and are great fun for you and your dog!

Introductions to Freestyle

If you're new to freestyle, here's information to get you started.


Freestyle Training

Links to articles on training your dog to do musical freestyle.


Freestyle News and Photos

Links to online news articles or photos on freestyle.


Freestyle Videos

Like to see dogs performing freestyle? Here are some online videos.

Freestyle Discussion Forums

Need more interactive help for your freestyle training? Here are ways to get help.


Freestyle Organizations

Pages online for the various freestyle groups.

Freestyle Events

Information on upcoming events.


Freestyle Products

Where to order books and videos on training freestyle.

  • Dancing Dogs Video
    Don't miss Sandra Davis' new website with information on her training videos and new book!


MP3 Resources

MP3 sites have full-length music you can download and enjoy, and CDs to order that are half the price of regular music CDs.

    Probably the most popular MP3 site, you can listen to the music over streaming Real Audio before downloading the full CD-quality MP3.
  • Search
    Use the box at the top center of this page to search for artists similar to your popular favorites.
    Another good MP3 site.
  • Tucows Music
    And more MPs (as well as other formats).
  • MP3 Players
    Thinking of getting a portable MP3 player? Check here for lowest prices, reviews, tips, etc.

Minidisc Resources

I'm a big fan of the Minidisc format, and feel it offers a lot to freestyle enthusiasts.

Online CD Stores

These are places you can go online to listen to clips of music and order CDs.

  • CDNow
    About 30 second Real Audio clips on many albums.
    Amazon is now a great source for music as well, and features lots of sound clips.


Costume Sites

Sources on the web to help you get that perfect freestyle costume.


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