A Holiday Greeting in Rhyme

From Jo Ann Mather

'Twas some time before Christmas
And out on the course
The agility folks
Had all gathered in force.

There were Shelties and Shepherds
And terriers, too.
Border Collies and mixed breeds,
To name just a few.

From the A-frame, the Corgis
Looked down from afar
After stringing the lights up
And hanging the star.

They were hanging the tinsel
On the dogwalk with care.
By the snow-covered tunnel
Glistening in the cold air.

The handlers were huddled
Up close to the heat
Thinking fondly of Springtime
And of the next meet.

They thought of the Summer
Of green grass and blue skies
While visions of maroon rosettes
Danced in their eyes.

They were dreaming of glory
Of trophies and fame
Of winning the National
The top of the game.

And away toward the back
Past three jumps and the tire
On the pause table,
Gifts were piled higher and higher.

There was mini-equipment
Books and videos, too.
Some sweatshirts and t-shirts
Some red and some blue.

There were brushes and flexis
A new collar, and ball.
There were milk bones and chewies
For one and for all.

While the dogs sat and marveled
For all them knew
That Santa Claus comes
For his canine friends, too.

So whatever your dog
Be it herding or hound.
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a Clear Round


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