Obedience Training Resources

Canine Good Citizen

This test from AKC was designed to encourage dog owners to make sure their dogs were well-behaved members of society.


Trick Training

Trick training is a great and fun way to teach your dog some basic obedience.

  • The Dog Tricks
    Well worth a visit from The Dog Tricks .com.
  • Dog Tricks
    Tricks to teach your dog along with training methods.
  • Trick Training
    From the agility lists, here are more tricks to try, with basic training ideas.
  • Trick Training
    A quick step-by-step list for a variety of tricks.


Obedience Commands

Looking for something more exotic than just "sit", "stay", etc.? Here are some sites with other possibilities.


Obedience Clip-Art

Some sites on the web with graphics for your obedience webpage.

  • Fuzzy Faces
    Large collection of obedience graphics, backgrounds, animations, etc.


Other Assorted Sites



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