Obedience Training Basics

About Training

Visit these sites for basic introductions to obedience training and how to get started.


Training Issues

A variety of topics to consider when training.

Training Implements

Some information on various training tools.



Here's the #1 topic of concern for most dog owners. Learn how to deal with problems with housebreaking, and how to use a crate to train your dog.


General Puppy Training

Don't believe that old adage about not training puppies. Properly done, puppy training can prevent many problems in later life.

Basic Training

Here's information on training the basics...come, sit, down, etc.



Why your dog does the things he does.


Problem Behavior

Some general information on dealing with problem behaviors. Be sure to also visit the Basic Training sites listed above, many have problem behavior info as well.



How to deal with dogs that think they are in charge.



Is all the noise driving you crazy? Here's some help.



Stool eating is a common dog behavior, but one most owners are not thrilled about. Here are some ideas for dealing with it.


Other Problem Behaviors

More articles on specific problems.


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