Obedience Video Reviews

From Cheryl May, (cmay@ksu.ksu.edu)

I've purchased quite a few videos. Here are short reviews of the ones that I believe relate to competitive obedience:

Positively Fetching by Judy Byron and Adele Yunck. This is professionally done and teaches an inducive retrieve. I love it and refer back to it frequently for myself and students. Comes with a helpful booklet in case you just need to check a point for quick clarification.

Novice tape by Anne Marie Silverton. This tape has a lot of good ideas. Also professionally done. I've also seen her puppy tape, and I'd bypass that one in favor of the novice tape, if you have a limited budget.

Attention tape (her tape # 4) by Janice DeMello. Love the technique, hated the quality of the tape. Sound is not consistent, picture quality is not professional. Ironically, it was more expensive than either of the first two tapes I mentioned. Comes with booklet which essentially repeats the script of the tape and is helpful for quick review.

Around the Clock scent discrimination by Janice DeMello. Same quality problems as Attention tape, but worth it, because the technique is creative and works so well. Nobody does details quite like DeMello -- she takes everything in tiny baby steps so the dog can be successful. I've trained two dogs this way myself and have a student with a 15-month old sheltie doing articles reliably with this method.

A T-Touch of Magic for Dogs by Linda Tellington-Jones. Before you say, "That's NOT competitive obedience!" let me say that it certainly *can* be. I use these techniques on my guys before going in the ring and I do believe the touches help immensely. Tape is very professionally done, comes with flash cards (great) and a booklet (which I haven't used at all). If you buy a T-Touch tape, be sure to get this one, and not the earlier version (which I also have). The newer tape is much better!


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