Training ARticles

  • T-Touch
    Information on what exactly T-Touch is.
  • Puppy Biting
    What to do if your puppy likes to "attack" your hands.
  • Aggression
    Some ideas for how to deal with an older dog that shows aggression.
  • Jumping Up
    How to cure a dog of jumping up on people.
  • Halti
    What a Halti is and how to use it.
  • Lagging
    Help for dogs that lag when heeling.
  • Choose to Heel
    A very positive appoach to teaching off-lead heeling.
  • Off-Lead Heeling
    How to train off-lead heeling.
  • Figure Eight's
    How to train the figure 8.
  • Fronts
    Some help if your dog sits far away from you on his fronts.
  • Arcing
    How to fix that favorite sheltie habit of arcing on recalls.
  • Showing in Brace
    Some hints on this fun, non-regular class.
  • Food Training
    An opinion on the use of food in training.
  • Clicker Training
    A quick intro to clicker training.


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