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Event Lists & Website

Information on and lists of upcoming events.


Online Superintendants

Another great source for information on upcoming events.

  • InfoDog (MB-F)
    Great site for any dog show enthusiast. Get premium lists online, check upcoming shows and results of past shows, see where your favorite judge is going to be next, do some online shopping, and more!
  • Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd.
    Jim Rau covers shows mostly in the Northeast. See what's coming up.
  • Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, LLC
    These are shows mostly in South and Central US. Download premium lists, enter your dog, or check the judging programs for upcoming shows.
  • Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows
    Shows in California and Arizona. Premium lists, entry forms, etc.
  • Western Dog Shows
    Mostly shows in Canada. Calendar, entry forms, etc.
  • Licensed Superintendents
    Listing of superintendents and contact information from AKC.


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