Wombaroo dog milk replacer is a highly digestible, easily prepared milk substitute formulated to closely resemble the nutrient composition of bitch milk. Use Wombaroo for hand-rearing orphans or supplementing bitches with large litters.

I personally have used this to tube and bottle feed a Löwchen puppy (multi BIS Grand Ch Chinaroad Flying Colours) who weighed only 75 grams at birth (approximately 2.6 ounces). I also raised several orphan Kangaroo Joey's on Wombaroo products, our favourite Joey being "Archie" who grew to a 6' big red!

Note: I am not an agent for Wombaroo, nor do I receive any commission from them - I simply highly recommend their products from personal experience!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wombaroo Dog Milk Replacer is a powder and is available in a pack to make 1 litre.  It also comes in packs of 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.  If unopened the powder remained stable for up to 18 months if stored below 30 degrees C. and protected from moisture.

To make one litre of milk add 215g of powder to 300ml of warm pre-boiled water and mixed into a paste. Then make up to one litre with warm pre-boiled water and mix thoroughly. Milk can be mixed using an electric whisk. Prepared milk can be stored for 24 hours if refrigerated, or up to two weeks if frozen. Milk that has been thawed should be well mixed before use and not refrozen.

Dog Latex Teat from WombarooHAND-REARING: Success in hand-rearing puppies greatly improves if they receive colostrum at birth.
Feed Impact Colostrum Supplement to puppies that did not get colostrum from the bitch. Keep puppies in a clean, draught-free environment at about 30o C. Warm Wombaroo to about 35o C. Feed from a bottle with teat every 2 hours for the first 3 days, reducing this to every 4 hours by the end of the first week. Stimulate puppies to defecate and urinate after each feed. During the second week reduce feeding to 6 hourly intervals. Encourage puppies to lap once their eyes are open and voluntary bowel motions begin. To avoid dehydration during periods of hot weather give puppies a drink of pre-boiled water between feeds. Always offer puppies drinking water once their eyes are open and they become mobile. Consult your veterinarian or breeder for particular advice about caring for your breed of puppy.

GROWTH: Different breeds of puppies have different growth rates. Carers should contact their veterinarian or breeder for information about the growth rate of their particular breed. It is important to weigh puppies regularly to verify weight gains and determine the volume of milk to feed. Overfeeding milk can cause diarrhoea so feed the suggested volumes in our tables.

WEANING: When puppies are about 4 weeks old they should show interest in solid food. To entice them to eat solids offer a small portion of puppy kibble soaked in Wombaroo. Once they start to eat solid food continue to increase the solids and reduce the milk in their diet until they are fully weaned at about 8 weeks.

ECONOMY: Wombaroo not only provides the best nutrition for your puppies it is also inexpensive to use. Based on recommended retail price it would only cost from 8 to 60 cents per day to rear a puppy.


Solo, aged 6 days

INGREDIENTS: Whole milk solids, whey protein isolates, caseinates,
vegetable oils, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals






80 20   600 90
90 21   700 100
100 23   800 110
110 25   900 120
120 27   1000 130
130 28   1100 140
140 30   1200 150
150 31   1300 160
160 33   1400 165
170 34   1500 175
180 36   1600 185
190 37   1700 195
200 39   1800 200
250 46   1900 205
300 55   2000 210
350 60   2200 230
400 65   2400 250
450 70   2600 265
500 75   2800 280

I'd like to add one comment - do not over feed - comply with the guide lines above!


There are over 4000 species of mammal and each one produces a milk of unique composition to feed its young. Wombaroo formulate their products from published and private research then manufacture specific milk replacers that reflect as closely as practicable the differences that make each milk unique. When information about the composition of a particular milk is incomplete they prepare a milk replacer based on data for similar species. Multi-staged marsupial milk replacers are available for the kangaroo, possum, wombat, the echidna and koala. Specific eutherian milk replacers are available for the flying fox, insectivorous bat, deer, alpaca, antelope, dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, sheep, pig and horse. Wombaroo has many products available for bird rearing. 

Unlike some other suppliers of milk products they actually make their milk replacers so that they have complete control over product quality. This also gives them a considerable edge over the other brands in that they have the versatility to produce milk products of almost any composition. They have developed special manufacturing techniques to make milk replacers in sizes as small as 5Kg, so any request for the milk, no matter how unusual, is always welcome.

Wombaroo make different milk replacers for different animals. No one else does.

WOMBAROO DOG MILK REPLACER - (available in215g (makes 1L), 1kg, 5kg, 10 kg.)
Complete nutrition for orphaned or early weaned puppies and for supplementing bitches with large litters. Can be fed from birth.

IMPACT COLOSTRUM SUPPLEMENT - (available in 25g, 50g, 250g.)
Impact is a food supplement made from bovine colostrum powder and contains whey protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Feed Impact to newborn animals or marsupial joeys as a replacement for or as an adjunct to milk replacers. Click here for more info....

Wombaroo manufacture the latex teats especially for puppies & kittens!

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For more information on Wombaroo products:
Write To: PO Box 151, Glen Osmond, S.A. 5064 Australia 
Phone or Fax: 61-8-83791339 
Email : wombaroo@adelaide.on.net 

Note: I am not an agent for Wombaroo, nor do I receive any commission from them -
I simply highly recommend their products!

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