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For a table made with PVC legs, use the largest size PVC pipe cut into 3 sizes (use for small, medium & large heights) with the pieces that attach two pipes together in between each of the sizes. On the bottom of the table is the attachment that is used to hold the piping onto a wall (in other words it has little wings with screw holes in it). This stabilizes the board on the legs. It's not easy to move the table as a whole, but it works great! The credit for this table goes to Wynell Brush of Cherrybrook Agility. (Elaine Striler)

A great surface for tables is the stuff they use on low winged airplanes, the ones the passengers have to step on to get into the plane. This stuff is rubberized and gritty and keeps traction through rain, heat, sleet etc. See it at your local airport. They may think you're nuts examining the planes for these reasons but they will be happy to show you. The paint can be purchased at any aircraft supplier or even at some hangers.
(Lene Band)

Many different types of coverings are being used for the tops of the pause table. Here are some ideas and considerations on topping your table.

  1. Indoor/outdoor carpet can be rough on the pads of some dogs when they come to a screeching halt.
  2. Black rubber tends to get hot in the sun.
  3. One unique table surface is the non-skid material used for bottom edges of jet skis (The same surface is used for the ledge on the jet ski where you put your feet.) This surface provides good traction, padding and the water beads up on it rather than being absorbed. It is also sun resistant. The product comes in various thicknesses and has a peel and place adhesive on the back. The cost to cover a table top is approximately $40.00.

    For more information on this surface contact Arno at Hydro-Turf at 1585 W. Broadway #A, Anaheim, CA 92802. (714) 635-6350

(Monica Percival)


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