Dog Agility FAQs

These FAQs are collected from messages posted to the agility lists, and the training methods given herein are in no way supported, endorsed, or otherwise verified by me. While I would not put something here that I feel is completely contradictory to the spirit and intent of agility, I have not had first-hand experience with a good number of the tips given here and thus cannot provide further information on them. The person listed in quotes at the end of each tip is the author of the original post to either of the agility lists.

Thanks to all the people whose posts are found here and have allowed them to be shared with others, and to all those who have helped in adding new stuff, particularly Anne Smith, Ann McQuillen, Henry Blomqvist, and Betsy Hyde.

Introduction to Agility


For each obstacle there is a section on Construction, Training, and Trouble-shooting if information is available.

General Training

Handling Techniques

Showing Your Dog

Game Classes

Problems at Trials

Running a Trial




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